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Iran - Steve - 05-19-2018

EU rejecting Iran sanctions
... bans European companies from complying -

RE: Iran - awakened53 - 05-19-2018

Both Juncker and Merkel and to a lesser degree Macron  have all said that they will not be bullied by trump. It will be nteresting to see how this develops as the EU and the US both have said that they will not budge

RE: Iran - awakened53 - 05-19-2018

Top EU officials agree to defend European interests against US sanctions

RE: Iran - Steve - 05-26-2018

All the Shah’s Men -

RE: Iran - awakened53 - 05-26-2018

US house bans Trump from declaring war on Iran without Congress approval

RE: Iran - Steve - 05-27-2018

IMF to cooperate with Iran's Central Bank chief despite US sanctions

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has declared that it will continue cooperation with Governor of Iran's Central Bank (CBI) Valiollah Seif despite the new US sanctions against the Iranian official....

Media blackout on US House unanimous vote - no war with Iran

The US House of Representatives has unanimously passed an amendment that bans President Donald Trump from declaring a war on Iran without the Congress’s approval...

RE: Iran - awakened53 - 05-27-2018

End of May Deadline for saving the JCPOA

RE: Iran - Steve - 05-27-2018

John Kerry August 2015 - dollar would collapse if we continued to sanction Iran....

RE: Iran - awakened53 - 05-29-2018

India will not follow US Sanctions on Iran

RE: Iran - awakened53 - 05-30-2018

Bolton, Hanson and Colour Revolution Plan for Iran