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Germany introduces Safety Pants to prevent rape - carolinabeve - 02-01-2018

If you had any question in your mind about the crazy world we live in, well here is more evidence.
I came across this yesterday, thought about it, and decided to share with the Richie Allen family.
The last rape prevention measure, I read about in Germany, Sweden, etc, was to educate migrants that it's not nice to force yourself on women. That didn't stop the rapes.
 Then there were the rubber wrist bands that said " Don't molest." That didn't work too well either.
Now they have reinvented the chastity belt, with an alarm.  I'll bet this will scare the crap out of a rape gang, don't you?
When are these nutters that try & run the world ever going to face the reality of the migrant situation?
I've added a couple of links. One is by Pam Geller. No matter what you think of her, and you can think what you like, it's your right. I had to agree with what she said.
Also where are all the snowflakes out to save the women of the world from sexual exploitation? Are they on the streets, shouting from the rooftops, on the MSM denouncing gang rapes? No a word have I heard from them.
What do you folks think about this one? I'm just scratching my head. 

  1. Germany Introduces Women's Pants with Safety Alarms to Thwart Off ...  Highlight
    Jan 24, 2018 ... So some mooslim who is bent on raping a German woman willdecide not to because the woman's pants make a noise? LOL!!! Liberals a simply a special kind of stupid. Truth • 10 minutes ago. Willingly sacrificing the safety and well being of your citizens for global appeasement. Just wonderful.

  2. Germany Introduces Women's Pants with Safety ... - Geller Report  Highlight
    1 day ago ... This is the new Germany: women wearing pants equipped with rapealarms. This is the diversity and multiculturalism that Merkel's disastrous immigration policie

RE: Germany introduces Safety Pants to prevent rape - Billy Gnomates - 02-14-2018

What the hell is next? Bacon panties?

What say you, Otto?


here is the link,