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The Moon Landings / The Bermuda Triangle
From March 28, 2013, podcast featuring Marcus Allen – from the British edition of Nexus Magazine in Sussex, UK. Nexus is a worldwide publication that investigates subjects other media ignore or deride – from the Bermuda Triangle to UFOs to unconventional ways to power the planet.
This is Bart Sibrel's film ( from Richie's show tonight)
 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon
Not able to catch the show live, but there was a question I would have posed to Bart. If it's true that the technology the general public is aware of is 30 to 50 year behind where tech truly is, then is it possible that the Technology back in 69 was 50 years ahead of where we knew it to be thus possible for the moon landing to have happened? (Playing devil's advocate of course as there is more evidence that it didn't happen)
Did Neil Armstrong and his Crew Encounter Extraterritorials on the Moon

(that is if you believe that we actually went there)
NASA Astronauts and Scientists admit that humans have not left lower earth orbit due to the Van Allen Radiation Belt

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