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David Icke
Being 'red-pilled' by David Icke has never been so entertaining...and terrifying -
(04-25-2018, 08:04 PM)Steve Wrote: Being 'red-pilled' by David Icke has never been so entertaining...and terrifying -

David Icke does bring forward what has been done to many different societies as a whole, but does not advise how people can begin turning the tables in thier favour, His non compliance model is a common theme like a plethora of other spokespersons have also used would need very careful consideration before embarking on such a dramatic movement, first the sender of messages must also begin the process and refuse to use as many of the current system attributes themselves.
Before this could happen however, there needs to be enough organizers who can function as a body politic to replace the one now completely corrupt and not become corrupt by design themselves, who can also contribute towards the healing process and bring in many of the things they would need themselves to survive.
I personally don't think for one minute that these current leading guru's would give up everything they have gained from the people buying their wears for the common base and popular, but would expect everyone else to help them if this model was played out.
Nothing is perfect, but we simply cannot have such a mass down tools model unless we have an alternative system to immediately replace it, otherwise a melt down of biblical proportions would ensue, this would not end well believe me.
David Icke has in my humble opinion has done some strange knee jerk things in the past, One was rather silly indeed, and that was by giving the homeless in Manchester a cash handout, which might be seen to many as a good deed but, on the other hand, many homeless people have drinking and drugs problems and that money might very well end up back in the hands of the rude amongst society and the same cabal that printed it. I would have bought them shoes and clothing to see them through the cold winter months on the streets, food
So nothing is perfect in a world that is being ruled by so called freedom fighters and freedom theifs on both sides, but it is not as it could beand might take another hundred years to rectify.
My model is one that begins with self generation and real life skills, as many have already seen, unless we can secure this most simple of traits, instead of propping up the current slavery system we will not move forward as a healing body, it is like the saying my Grandfather shared with me when I was a small boy, he would always ask those talking about something, don't tell me' show me how it works, if we are unable to do both actions then things are all but moot.
If I had, had a fraction of the money that TPV raised, I could have shared my skills with hundreds of others who are currently twiddling their thumbs in the dark not knowing which way they are going, then their own hand to eye coordination could have served them well.
David Icke reveals how the few control the many...

Read more at:
I would refraise that and say it is the few who persuade certain levels of society to police the rest, and here in is the largest problem that stems from the largess of Government/Dominus, which lies firmly within the lower hanging fruit of society, but not right at the end of the branches where the newer/children, growth are extant, but a little bit further back where the older growth is a little stiffer upper lipped.

I salute Mr Icke for many of the things he has done and also for the mistakes he has made which are many, but remember, "A road followed precisely to its end often leads nowhere", and even greatness can kill a person if they are unable to create the alternatives they need for their own survival.

Not many of us can do this, but its worth trying at least.
Podcast from November 13, 2017, Part One with David Icke on his “explosive” new book… »

Podcast from November 20, 2017, Part Two of the conversation with David Icke about his new book… »

Podcast notes for David Icke part 1,  edition 319

0-10 min - New book - Everything you need to Know. David Icke was the first to question the conduct of politicians and to call out paedophilia. Our perception program exists as a postage stamp consensus which starts from birth. We need to look at our world again and take a step back approach. The problem with accepting everything at face value and not bothering to question anything. There are a growing number of people who are refusing to believe the official narratives put forward and are breaking free of the mass manipulation by using a process of de-programming. The conditioning of children by the Education System, used as the State’s perception / their official version of everything from an early age. The way the School system teaches us to concede to authority. Education should instead encourage us to think for ourselves. The entrainment technique. Quote from Ghandi. We need a different way of looking at the world and need to question everything. The dominant frequency/perception. The crime of appearing different to the norm.

11-20 min - The book launch and what people will get out of the tour/shows and book. The war on freedom of speech and expression. An attack on our freedoms. The world speaking tour since 2016 is a catalyst for change, as people are starting to wake up. The veil is lifting, causing a domino effect, with even those in the system realising what is happening. More journalists becoming aware of the scale of deception instigated by the elites, and the way censorship is used to generate fear.

21-30 min - The monetisation of YouTube to severely reduce the collective income of alternative media. This is not by accident but by design. The fake news distortion. Activist Post attacked and censored on YT with their account and that of many others deleted without explanation. How information has come to David Icke - synchronistic help. The infinite awareness explanation- the perceiving of the world and experiences. The self identifying trap. Expanding the DNA - a receiver transmitter system. The range of frequencies  that exist in the cosmic internet. The ‘little me’ perception. The feedback loop of manufactured ignorance. Points of attention and infinite awareness.

31-40 min - Where I was in 1991 and where I am now! The Terry Wogan interview and the ridicule that followed. Has come such a long way since then. Why? To create or manifest your own reality to realise your own power. Phantom self mistake. Control of people’s perceptions. Limiting perceptions of everything problem. Our tiny frequency band of awareness means we see very little of what exists beyond our senses. The world as a physical illusion. Esoteric streams vs the mainstream science song sheet or ‘Richard Dawkins’ narrow view of everything. How the established scientific explanations are now hitting cul de sacs in the light of new thinking and discoveries., due to flawed logic. The recognition of a holographic reality - the movie screen manipulation.

41-50 min - Change the reel and change the movie in light of growing evidence of our digital hologram reality. How scientists are beginning to free their minds. How the manipulated official version of everything has fooled us into a fake reality and the need to de program ourselves in order to evolve. The use of critical thinking. The institution of arrogant science. The way the Electric Universe group of scientists are changing the narrow fixed viewpoints of mainstream science. Institutions are dragged kicking and screaming in the face of new evidence. The way orthodox science tries to hold on to their views as the structures of established thinking is challenged. The elites manipulation of information into the straight jacket mentality of ‘this is how things are’ approach. The same thing applied in the msm and the political orthodoxies. The ‘stop the questioning ‘ tactic employed by the Elite. Mind control, MK Ultra programs.

51-63  min - The use of institutions to mind control the masses and individuals by breaking up the Altered States or Alters. Hypnotic key words used to control personality and behaviour. The front/back Alter technique. The elites control over everyone through political correctness brainwashing tyranny. The imposition of words and freedom to hear disagreements- the shutting down of expression. The way physical attacks and banter are put into the same pot. What is happening in Westminster example of this. Having to use mental gymnastics unnecessarily. The coercing of natural discourse between men and women. Driving wedges between groups and races in order to divide and rule. The hidden hand Spiders Web agenda for the world and how the exact same things at the same time are happening in country after country as witnessed on the world tour.

Podcast notes for David Icke part 2, edition 320

0-10 min - The State control of children and engineered break up of the family. The wish lists of social engineering institutions attack on the family unit. Frankfurt example. A common theme is running throughout - the deliberate destruction of families.  The State’s intention to control children’s minds, through a gradual erosion of of parental influence. The Dr Richard Day speech in 1969  of how the elites will go about changing the world according to their hidden agenda. The state is moving to take over control of our children via the school network. Failure of the education system to encourage / bring out our kids gifts and creativity, as shown in a Virginia study. A lack of child directed education and destruction of free thinking.

11-20 min - The school in US that stopped homework and why - educational success can increase. Schools are not run from an education point of view but along administrative lines. Schools resemble prisoners due to over the top security concerns. A systematic preparation of children conditioned into seeing what the future world will look like. A Big Brother Society is in store for our children. The less resistance approach to these changes are wanted, as new limitations are seen as normal. The rich getting richer, poor getting poorer reality. The way minds and perceptions are being moulded. Antifa / fascist behaviour at Universities and de-platforming attacks on free speech - Peter Tatchell example shows the fight to gain respect for certain groups compared to the current PC nonsense destroying discourse stopping free speech and expression.

21-30 min - Student protests against anyone who holds an differing opinion, where the liberal progressives are shown to be anything but liberal. The definition of liberal and how it is attacked by anti liberal attitudes. The hidden hand in North Korea and the Project of the New American Century of regime change, by force, on targeted countries. The people involved are Rothschild Zionists / American Israelis. The call for a new Pearl Harbour which was the 9/11 event, leading to the attack of country after country. The WMD / 9.11 parallels of ‘War on Terror’. Countries being picked off via proxy armies in Syria, for example. The same list/agenda is followed by different parties. Watch Lebanon, also on list. Britain organise rebels in Syria according to French Foreign Minister Roland Dumar. - French even asked to participate by top UK officials. The US military strategy that is employed in various target countries on the list. The orchestrated covert techniques used in Libya and Syria.

31-40 min - Russia throws a spanner in the works in Syria. The North Korea situation and excuses to target these countries. What people need to do - change our perceptions and expand who we are. We are the same point of attention but obsessed with differences and use labels to perpetuate the fighting amongst each other. Without a division we cannot be ruled. Division = Rule by the Elites, No Division = NO rule and NO control by the Elites. Concentrate on who you are and not what someone else tries to suggest. Groups and labels are counter productive and will lead to total control. The shape shifting perception explained.

41-53 min - The five senses and the decoding of information in the waveform information field that created our visual reality in the form we perceive. Waveform entities that transform into the holographic image within the brain. It is explained as an energetic shift and down to our perception. Reptilians posses dual energetic waveforms and swich between them. Colour is an information frequency and only exists within the brain. The extraordinary illusion of our experience. The Candle / Flame example. Shapeshifteing in the physical is not possible and only possible in the waveform brain decoding information sense. The reptilian Alien caverns and underground bases. Elite scientists exchange of knowledge with the ET reptilian entities. The technology is being delivered to us in a particular order. Silicon Valley the Devil’s Playground.
Evidence suggests that David Icke was actually right about Reptilians
The Extraordinary Proof... UK Police Censorship against David Icke, and therefore others,
Revealed in Freedom of Information Release
RENEGADE is the story of how this “madman” overcame unimaginable ridicule to become a fearless investigator of the world’s darkest and most extraordinary secrets. The film will take you through David’s biggest revelations, including:

  • How our perceptions of the world are manipulated

  • The prison of the Phantom Self and how we can discover our true selves

  • The Matrix-like structure of reality

  • The Reptillian influence over human affairs

  • The truth about our Moon

  • The power of human consciousness

  • The Endgame: Artificial Intelligence and the Transhumanist Agenda

  • And more….
If anyone believes in something without real evidence, not conjecture, then they are no better equipped that a preist with his bible, and are truly lost like a banker without a pen or a navigator with a compass, but keep listening to the same old rhetoric often enough and it will become real in within your mind, I'm sure I have heard someone say that many times.
The David Icke Dot Connector Video-cast -

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