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Keeping us in the picture (Chemtrails)
(03-07-2018, 06:02 PM)RiK Wrote: A lot of reading above there !
 it's  known that stuff has been sprayed on unsuspecting citizens many times in the past . certain parts of uk are  medicated without consent in the form of fluoride in the water as well . Also I'm aware of the many attempts at weather control over the years and  I have no doubt there could be stuff going on we know nothing about as well as what we suspect . However applying something from 30000 ft or more , you'd have no control of where it landed . It could be carried for 100s of miles on the wind .

If you look at you can get the relevant data for altitudes ( which is different to height) up to about 40000ft + . It can be well above freezing at ground level and 50-60 degrees below at 30 000ft or above the dew point and moisture content come into it as well . there can be barely any surface wind and winds of 70mph+ up there These conditions can differ throughout the day area of sky and altitude . when the trails in that photo were left you can bet that the readings for the above data would explain it were the reason and they had changed when the trails stopped .some days the planes leave no trails whatsoever so the volume of traffic is not noticed .

I remain open minded but , I've noticed long lasting contrails over at least 40 years andwas interested in them as a child , there's just more of them now .

I have been watching the skies for about twelve years now and on many occasions seen aircraft flying at the same height, some leaving trails and some not, does this indicate foul play, I don't know but its possible I suppose.

During the second world war there was talk of devloping a airborne weapon the decimate the ememies farm land and cattle, this sounds like foot and mouth to me, but bet your bottom dollat that TPTB have it all at their dosposal.

But by fat the most trails I have seen are in a morning and at eventing especialls spring and summer, just as the sun is rising and setting, I think the corporate mind will try everything they cn to make more money, if they can cool down the day to make people burn more fuel to keep warm they are going to use it for their benefit.

I do know something which might be nothing and that is a freind I know has a son who flies the long haul jets, they say when the planes are being fuelled at the same time they are filling it they are also taking fuel back out on the other side, to flush the tanks ?? not sure but it is odd to fill it then empty it as well, the pilot said this to his parents and they told me.

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