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Dubious Micro Wave experiment
(02-03-2018, 03:46 PM),cookingcrack Wrote: Listening to Barry Trower in one of Richie Allen's interview a few days ago, i got very interested in all he said about the danger of the 5G which i greatly share but then he talked about the microwave ovens and the experiment you could do at home to see if your micro wave was safe.

It was a case of putting your phone in the oven and the make a call to it: would it ring then your microwave oven is not safe at all for use since if shoudn't allow the phone waves to get through the door of the oven ? 

I tried it and nearly throw my oven out of the house since my phone responded very quickly even in the oven wiht the door closed.

But then i searched the internet and found a lot of stuff on this and serious studies that say the phone is on a 900 Mhz wave and the oven on a 2400 Mhz frequence so it can't be tested that way and all phones would of course respond normally when in your personnal micro oven !

Now, with Barry Trower not knowing such basic facts and trying to persued everyone with such a false information makes me wonder now if i should bother about 5G or if it is also a whole bundle of lies ? 

What do you think ?

As another member has rightly said it is the Faraday cage that Trower was talking about, but a microwave oven is also a transmitter thus it has to be deemed safe, another test to do is place a house plant on top of it and see what happens.

I did in depth studies as an army medic on top of my original training and learned the following.

In the first stages of cell division of a human the cycle of mitosis is dependant upon the electrical field that all of life relies upon to begin this process, if there is strong enough interference that natural process can be altered and even stopped, this science has known about for decades, they can switch off the reproduction system of fish by using high frequencies, and this is what will eventually change things to be derimental to humans too, RF engineers who have worked for many years in this electromagnetic fog are likely not to survive their vocation,

I knew an old guy who had worked on the radar stations after the war and one of his jobs was to replenish the isotope type power plants every few months, these were needed because diesel engines and the distances involved would hamper servicing them, to cut a long story short he had problems all of his life and eventually died to a rare condition where all of his skin fell off, and passed away with a complete bandaged body without the dermis layer, here is what microwaves can do to you.

So the reasoning behind the new antenae for 5 G, here we have extra wave forms that will be running at the same time as the old ones and the two frequencies can be joined to create what Brexinski called a new way of thinking, Alvin Toefler also inadvertantly named it The Third Wave.

And I will leave it there for others to study further.

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