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The Gates Foundation
Depopulation blueprint: Scientists engineer human-infecting form of deadly new bird flu, claiming they need to 'know how it works'
Gates Foundation Helping Government Dictate How Much Vitamin C You Can Take
Dr. Mumbi PhD - let's talk Africa alert! 

... elimination of Africans through vaccines in high gear!
Bill Gates vs Freedom
Bill Gates warns of coming apocalyptic disease — pledges $12 million to universal vaccine -

The next deadly disease that will cause a global pandemic is coming, Bill Gates stated at a discussion on epidemics, hosted by the Massachusetts Medical Society and the New England Journal of Medicine, Business Insider reported......

Why parents and scientists – not Bill Gates – must have the final say on vaccine safety -

A disturbing video has surfaced on the internet in which vaccine advocate Bill Gates admits to a Gates Foundation staff meeting that he advised President Trump against investigating the potential safety risks of vaccines. Said Gates:

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