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The new Australia

Not in my country...surely not !
(08-01-2018, 05:22 PM)TruthSeekerKangarooLover Wrote:

Not in my country...surely not !

How is it possible to reach any conclusions wiithout the cameras and this presenter being able to walk down this particular road?
Australia is in danger of being swamped by Muslims? The numbers tell a different story -
I am 61 years old and this is certainly not the Australia I grew up in. The suburban Adelaide street I spent my early life in, is now a Muslim area and some of the older residents from my youth, that still live there, are now afraid to leave their houses at night. When I grew up 'neighbours were there for one another' sorry that's a TV show and helped each other in times of need. As a child I could spend all day safley playing around in the streets and on hot nights we as a family would sleep on mattreses on our back lawn, we didn't have air conditioning then. Back then Australia was a nominal Christian society and had the values that went with that belief system, even though my family weren't Christian. I am not saying that there weren't dark forces operating then though.
Australia today according to some figures I have heard is bringing in 250000 migrants per year. This is unsustainable as the cities are overcrowded. In Sydney each suburb has is own racial identity and according to the police, there are no go area's for them. I have been to some iconic Sydney landmarks where english is the second language.
I often cringe when they talk about the Greek community, the Aboriginal community and the Muslim community, etc. This I believe to be the biggest cause of devision. I also believe the migration is selective also, as I have close friends from the Philippines who can't even get a holiday visa to visit us because the authorities are afraid they won't go home again. I haven't mentioned the Sudanese gangs called APEX, terrorising Melbourne.
No, it's not all fake news to to foster an agenda, it is the agenda. I am not a racist I can't be, my community, perhaps the old Australia is the one that no longer exists. I do miss it though, they call that progress.
Watershed moments in Indigenous Australia's struggle to be heard -
Just a reality check on this stylized view of Australia before white settlement. Ancient Aboriginal society was just as prone to endemic child abuse via the tribal elders, along with witchcraft which led to many innocent deaths for the same reasons as it does in Western society. Many of the popular versions of the 'nobel savage idea' come from a city educated, part Aboriginal privileged class. Some of whom are from the stolen generation. Unfortunately the stigma of the stolen generations prevents many children today being taken away from abusive drunken parents. I know this first hand as a Pastor of many Aboriginal people.
I asked one of the ladies if her people, believed that they were going to keep this vast continent to themselves? I said the rest of the world were going to come here to takeover eventually and that they were fortunate it wasn't the imperial Japanese army who came here first, as they would have been almosr completely wiped out.
If you read the accounts of Governor Philip of the first fleet, he had a good relationship with the first inhabitants. This is an unpopular view in this current climate of devision. The British settlement of Australia was preferable and much more prosperous for the inhabitants both white and Aboriginal. The Spanish who also came here but weren't interested because the gold was still in the ground and they couldn't take it from the indigenous population. As most of the previous Spanish colonies are in poverty thanks to the Catholic church. This is a non PC post but it is my personal observations, there are good and bad eggs in every racial group.
Indigenous historian Bruce Pascoe says we’ve got our story all wrong -

A HISTORIAN has painted a completely different version of Australia’s history - and it is causing huge shockwaves.
It seems to be easier in this current world to re write history, if it fits a particilar narrative. The reality is the desert dwelling Aborigines were hunter gathering nomads. I know this because I have been offered Kangaroo tail cooked in an open fire, by some of their decedents. I also know that they prefer to sleep outside of the houses that are built for them and use the floorboards for firewood. They don't build dams but they can find water in dry creek beds and food in arid environments. I love them as a people and they are what they are. I am not sure what that guy is on.

‘A reassessment has since taken place, where settlement is seen as invasion and exploration is seen as expropriation. Of course, these were men of their time and as such behaved in a way which would be unacceptable to us now. However, their courage, determination and curiosity shine through in their writing. Furthermore, in reading their journals we are able to take part in the journeys which they made. Sue Asscher, who prepared many of the ebooks listed below, summed it up very well when she commented "I do love and hate the explorers: they kill anything that moves, turn turtles over, poke through graves, look up grass skirts, take things for further examination never to be returned, scoff at anything superstitious, etc. taking notes all the time...and then call, with a sneer, some native girls who come to take a look at them,the explorers, 'the inquisitive sex'".’

Australia Struggles to Improve Lives of Indigenous Population -
The Australian government which is situated in Canberra ( which means meeting place) thousands of kilometers from the Aboriginal situation. The authorities in their wisdom put all Aborigines in one street of a particular town, which has disastrous consequences because the different mobs (tribes) are extreme racists and hate other mobs with a passion. The police are often called to break up, on going fueds that sometimes cause deaths and nearly always serious injuries.
The current policy in some towns is to issue a welfare card that will only allow the recipients to by essential items and not blow their entire money on, alcohol and poker machines. There has been some sucess with this, as more indigenous children are getting to school and have food on there tables. This system may be introduced to the whole community of welfare recipients.
The PM Malcolm Turncoat, sorry Turnbull is a multimillionaire investment banker who lives in one of Sydney's richest suburbs. He is a bit like the queen who thinks the whole world smells like new paint, when she visits an area, so does he when he goes to the outback.
Just on a lighter note I believe the name Kangaroo means 'what is it' as that was the Aboriginal reply to the early settlers question. Also the Aboriginal name for particular significant hills is translated as 'its a hill you idiot'.
Currently we, as white Australians are being constantly told we have to apologize for this country's history. I once rang my sons school and complained about him having to participate in national sorry day, I said whats he sorry for he's five years old and his best mates an Aboriginal. Unfortunately it seems that much of this stuff is part of a wider agenda, I know there are racists in this country but it's not everyone. Don't believe all the so called experts Steve, there's a saying in this country an ex spurt is a drip under pressure.

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