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Britain's secret societies
100 secretive and mask-wearing 'front organisations' that should be investigated to discover the extent of their known or suspected:

- links to organised child abuse/ritual abuse/child trafficking, and/or associated cover-ups;
- links to the grooming, entrapment and blackmailing of parliamentarians, police, members of the judiciary, other public officials and VIPs ('Control Files');
- involvement in the promotion of social divisions and incitement of public fears and hatreds; war mongering; an agenda or ideology of Greater Israel or any other form of 'one world government' or authoritarian government by one group of humans over another; 
- promotion of a eugenics/human depopulation or a species/group extinction agenda or ideology; 
- involvement in intelligence-gathering on behalf of the security and intelligence agencies - foreign or domestic;
- peddling of disinformation or propaganda to further the interests of the elite;
- links to psy ops and false flags;
- links to the military industrial complex, the global drugs trade, or the sex or human organs trades;
- the promotion of psychopathic/sociopathic ends and False Idols: extreme wealth and power, materialism, physical or sexual violence/death, or the downright occult and Satanic;
- any other nefarious, mafia-like business, commercial or operational practices: such as money laundering, degradation of the natural world for profit, profiting from illness or misery, or human debt-enslavement.

Institutions of State and Government
1.    The City of London Corporation (includes Corporation-owned Burnham Beeches property)
2.    Westminster City Council
3.    Westminster and Inner West London Coroner’s Court
4.    Queen Elizabeth II Barracks, Strensall
5.    MI5
6.    MI6
7.    GCHQ
8.    SO15


1.    The Most Noble Order of the Garter
2.    The Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle
3.    The Most Honourable Order of the Bath
4.    The Lords-Lieutenant and Deputies Lieutenant
5.    The Privy Council
6.    The Duchy of Cornwall
7.    The Duchy of Lancaster
8.    The Royal Company of Archers
Political and Think Tanks
1.    Progress
2.    The Fabian Society
3.    Best for Britain
4.    The Conservative Monday Club
5.    No Turning Back group
6.    The Bow Group
7.    Policy Exchange
8.    YouGov
9.   The Institute for Jewish Policy Research
10.  Labour Friends of Israel
11.  Conservative Friends of Israel
12.  Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel
13.  The Embassy of Israel in London
14.  Le Cercle
15.  The Royal Institute of International Affairs
16.  The Open Society Foundation-London
17.  New City Initiative

Non-Governmental Organisations and Charities

1.    The Tony Blair Faith Foundation
2.    The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change
3.    The Friends of Israel Educational Trust
4.    The Holocaust Education Trust
5.    The Jewish Leadership Council
6.    The Board of Deputies of British Jews
7.    Community Security Trust
8.    The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
9.    Childline
10.  Barnardo's
11.  The Sir Edward Heath Charitable Foundation
12.  The Friends of Arundells (Lord Mandelson, Keith Vaz MP, Sir Peter Bottomley MP, Lady Virginia Bottomley)
13.  The Dolphin Square Trust
14.  The Prince’s Trust
15.  The Scout Association
16.  The World Wide Fund for Nature
17.  Silver Star
18.  The Madeleine McCann Fund
19.  Common Purpose
20.  The National Council for Civil Liberties / “Liberty”
21.  The British False Memory Society
22.  More in Common
23.  The Jo Cox Foundation
24.  King Edward VII’s Hospital Sister Agnes
25.  Wessex Health Living Centre
26.  The Rothschild Foundation
27.  Mind, the mental health charity
28.  The Tavistock Centre

Media & PR
1.    Crimewatch
2.    Syco
3.    News Corp UK and Ireland Limited
4.    Daily Mail and General Trust
5.    Northern & Shell / Express Newspapers
6.    Louis Theroux television productions
7.    The Jewish Chronicle
8.    Biteback Publishing / Iain Dale Limited
9.    Clarence Mitchell Communications Limited
10.  Freud Communications
Clubs and Societies
1.    The Freemasons
2.    The Athenaeum Club
3.    The Carlton Club
4.   The Garrick Club (Sir Michael Havers, Sir Ronald Waterhouse QC, Kenneth Clarke QC, Sir William Mars-Jones, George Carmen QC, Peter Carter-Ruck, Stephen Fry, Melvyn Bragg)
5.    The Royal Over-seas League
6.    The Magic Circle
7.    The Bullingdon Club
8.    The Travellers Club
9.    The National Liberal Club
10.    The Speculative Society
11.  The Royal Black Institution
12.  The Eccentric Club (UK)
13.  The Honourable Fraternity of the Amici, a/k/a Society of (the) Amici
14.  The Cambridge Apostles


1.    30 St Mary Axe
2.    Butlins
3.    Champneys
4.    Cunard
5.    Mark Warner Limited
6.    N M Rothschild & Sons Limited
7.    Pilkington Group Limited
8.    Stanhope Capital LLP
9.    Stemcor
10.  Tony Blair Associates
11.  Unilever UK & Ireland
12.  Carter-Ruck
13.  Mishcon de Reya LLP
14.  Chris Saltrese Solicitors
15.  The Althrop estate
16.  The Beaulieu estate
17.  The Belvoir estate
Education and Academia
1.    The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations
2.    The London School of Economics
3.    The Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science
4.    Eton College
5.    Fettes College
6.   Marlborough College (Anthony Blunt, Sally Bercow, Ghislaine Maxwell, Ian Maxwell, Kevin Maxwell, Duchess of Cambridge)
7.   Gordonstoun School
8.   The Gordonstoun Association
9.   Queen Victoria School

Other 'spooky' or secretly malevolent organisations based in the UK, or with UK operations???

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