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Edwina Currie on Mossad payroll?
Edwina Currie on the Mossad payroll?

Edwina Currie (Zionist - Conservative Friends of Israel) sexually assaulted a 13-year-old boy at a Westminster paedophile party in 1982, it's been alleged. Currie's was the famous name that child abuse survivor Andrew Andrew gave to the campaigner helping him, filmmaker Bill Maloney, according to Maloney's subsequent filmed YouTube statement. The Daily Express made Andrew's allegation against the "former female MP" its front page report on 12 January 2014.

Currie wasn't the only VIP who allegedly assaulted children. We learned from the same Daily Express report that celebrities, businessmen and several male MPs were also members of the ring organised by Jimmy Savile's former BBC chauffeur, the late Dave Smith.

Recall that Edwina Currie (Zionist - Conservative Friends of Israel) was the minister responsible for appointing Savile to a task force to run the Broadmoor psychiatric hospital: ensuring that the Zionist monster could abuse scores of vulnerable children, adults and corpses.

For make no mistake, Savile was no less a Zionist than his accomplice, Edwina Currie.

An under-appreciated fact is that supreme paedophile "fixer" Sir Jimmy Savile OBE was personally dedicated to the cause of building a Greater Israel; indeed he once described himself as "the most Jewish Catholic you will ever meet". 

Savile lived in Roundhay, the centre of Leeds' Jewish community, in which he was extremely active in the many local Jewish organisations. He was, moreover, a "high-up" in the British Westminster-VIP child abuse and trafficking operation that Zionists (among others) judged as benefiting and advancing their agenda and "righteous" cause.

As a mark of Sir James' importance to the Zionist elite, the sleazy DJ was afforded the rare and astonishing opportunity to advise Israel's then- president, Ephraim Katzir.

Savile addressed the Knesset during his 10-day "state visit" to Israel in 1975 organised by Zionist John Levy of the Friends of Israel Educational Trust.

But back to Savile's accomplice, Edwina Currie.

Peter Clarke, a former private secretary to the late Enoch Powell who died in 2017, opted to stand down as the Tory candidate adopted to fight the East Lothian seat,
Quote:because of letters received by the Conservative Party containing allegations that he - Peter Clarke - advocated sex with children.

According to the Telegraph, reports claimed that Edwina Currie had an affair with the *alleged* paedophile Mr Clarke, shortly before beginning her more famous affair with John Major.

Edwina Currie kept quiet about her colleague Sir Peter Morrison's paedophile while he was abusing - only revealing it in her political memoirs after Morrison's death.

So is Edwina Currie now also keeping secret:

(1) Her personal involvement in child abuse rings, including the rape of 13-year-old Andrew Ash, as the survivor has reportedly alleged?

(2) A much deeper and further-reaching relationship with Jimmy Savile than simply selecting him for the Broadmoor hospital task force?

Because if Edwina Currie did indeed rape Andrew Ash at a Westminster paedophile party organised by Jimmy Savile's BBC chauffeur Dave Smith, this would imply that she might have known Savile in a much wider context than Broadmoor alone. Were the two Zionist "Friends of Israel" in league?

(3) The depth of her knowledge of Peter Clarke's activities, in light of reports cited by the Telegraph that Currie had an affair with Mr Clarke, and the revelation that Mr Clarke stood down as the Tory candidate adopted to fight the East Lothian seat because of letters received by the Conservative Party accusing Mr Clarke of advocating sex with children?

At this point, we suspect that Ms Currie engineered her clandestine affair with John Major in order to position herself as the most knowledgeable, powerful and "bullet-proof" woman in British politics. Did Ms Currie hold the paedophilic secrets of the Tories in one hand and the electoral fate of John Major and his child raping ministers and backbenchers in the other?

(4) As a Conservative Friend of Israel and committed Zionist, was she a vital cog in the Zionist-sponsored spreading of paedophilia and child trafficking throughout Westminster, London local government and the British Isles?

When Currie's mate and fellow-Zionist, Jimmy Savile, wasn't abusing in Broadmoor or Jersey, he might be found enjoying a cosy photo-op with Childline founder Dame Esther Rantzen at a BBC party. Esther, whom child abuse survivor Shy Keenan warned about Savile's paedophilia, not only failed to act on those warnings, but appeared to relish Savile's company on a personal level.

Moreover, child abuse survivor Ben Fellows alleges that Rantzen held a sexualised "party" at her New Forest home to which she brought him and other child actors. Fellows alleges that this sexualised party involved the consumption of drugs and alcohol in the presence of many minors (himself included, since he was a kid at the time).

In 1991 Rantzen was accused by the Mirror newspaper group of keeping quiet about an alleged child abuser because she owed him a favour. And it was reported in 1994 that a child was sexually assaulted at Esther Rantzen's home in the New Forest.

Rantzen has further ties to paedophilia - this time in the London Borough of Brent - through her sister, social worker Priscilla Taylor, and Valerie Howarth.

And, perhaps most astonishingly, Rantzen was previously in a relationship with alleged Elm Guest House paedophile Sir Nicholas Fairbairn MP.

Today, Rantzen's role as the all-powerful founder of Childline troubles some anti-child abuse campaigners greatly, for it is a widely held belief that Childline has acted as a monitoring, filtering and "red light warning system" that provides the Establishment with advance warning of claims of abuse being made against its members, and the nature of the allegations being levelled, so that such accusations can be successfully contained and the complainants discredited and silenced. 

Indefatigable "campaigner" Dame Esther is quite possibly another important cog in the Israeli-sponsored Westminster-VIP child abuse and trafficking operating that has been operating throughout the UK for some decades.

Edwina Currie gave Childline its first government grant.

So is Edwina Currie now also keeping secret:

(5) The full depth and extent of her association with Esther Rantzen and Rantzen's questionable activities?

With so many questions, many campaigners question whether Edwina Currie is -- like Savile before her (and Dame Esther?) -- on the payroll of Mossad.

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Edwina Currie's alleged former lover, PETER CLARKE went on to marry THERESA GORMAN MP in 2010.

Theresa Gorman replaced Harvey Proctor as the Tory MP for Billericay after Proctor admitted to four charges of "gross indecency".

Ms Gorman, upon replacing Proctor, would have been told by her Billericay constituents, local party members and volunteers precisely what sort of activities her paedophilic predecessor had engaged in, whether in Billericay or in Dolphin Square and Westminster.

Astonishingly, the happy couple of Peter Clarke and Theresa Gorman both died very recently - and quite abruptly.

Clarke kicked the bucket just last year (2017), and his other half Theresa Gorman croaked in 2015.

Gorman's death coincided rather remarkably with the media reports that her Billericay predecessor, Proctor, was then under investigation by Operation Midland police over his alleged involvement in (deadly?) Westminster/VIP paedophile parties at Dolphin Square. What a pity that Gorman never got the chance to tell police what she knew.

And Peter Clarke, we are told, died last year aged 69 from "suspected heart failure". Relatively young! Poor Esther Rantzen must have been devastated at hearing the news of her former lover's (unexpectedly sudden) demise.

A "dodgy ticker", like cancer, Alzheimer's and "unknown causes", often causes VIP paedophiles to expire without warning - to the great astonishment of their medics (though often not to more experienced coroners like Dr Paul Knapman) - just at the point when police and CPS officials have run out of excuses for not going after them.

Thankfully, many victims of these tragically abrupt deaths are widely understood to make full recoveries on the magically restorative beaches of Tel Aviv.

So, Edwina, don't worry. Your old flame Peter Clarke may even now be faring far better than the murdered and haunted victims of Westminster paedophiles.

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