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"Nicholas John RABET was for many years deputy superintendent of ISLINGTON COUNCIL's home at 114 Grosvenor Avenue.
"He and a colleague ... both took children on unauthorised trips to JERSEY. Allegations mounted but nothing was done.
"RABET'S opportunities to obtain victims massively increased after he befriended the widow of an American oil millionaire. She died after rewriting her will in his favour."
"[JERSEY RESIDENT] Jackson RABET (16), who is transitioning from female to male, says that being prevented from undergoing the treatment is a 'block' on their life.
"Jackson's GP made a referral to the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service CAMHS who, in turn, made a referral to the specialist TAVISTOCK GENDER CLINIC in London.
"'I had a year of chatting and stuff at CAMHS and they referred me to TAVISTOCK. I had to go through four or five meetings with them and now they’re ready to refer me to an adult clinic. I’ll begin hormone treatment and then surgery ...'
"Jackson has launched a petition on the STATES OF JERSEY website calling for hormone therapy treatment to be available to under-18s, believing the right age is 16.
"'In America you can get hormone treatment AT ANY AGE,' Jackson said."

The population of Jersey is a mere 100,080 (est.).
NICHOLAS JOHN RABET was from Jersey and worked for Margaret Hodge's Islington Council.
Given Jersey's tiny population, as well as the relative unusualness of the surname "RABET", it seems possible (probable?) that Jackson RABET from Jersey, now under the care of the TAVISTOCK CLINIC in London, is in some way related to Nicholas John RABET. 
- Is 16-year-old Jackson RABET being mind controlled or "experimented on" by doctors or handlers with links to the Tavistock Clinic and/or factions within British or Israeli Intelligence?
- Was Nicholas John RABET operating as a tool or agent, witting or unwitting, of British or Israeli Intelligence as he trafficked boys from Margaret Hodge's Islington to Jersey's Haut de la Garenne... where the likes of Mossad-controlled Jimmy Savile, Edward Heath, and Jersey's Jewish leader Wilfred Krichefski, were poised and ready to sexually assault them, murder them, or traffic them onwards to the continent?

What connects:
(i) MARGARET HODGE and her late husband HENRY HODGE who was connected to the Paedophile Information Exchange (P.I.E.)?; 
(ii) The Islington children's home scandal, including Islington children's home boss NICHOLAS RABET (and the relations of Mr RABET who may live in Jersey to this day, such as the boy, Jackson Rabet, in the Jersey Evening Post article?);
(iii) Islington's former senior solicitor: the alleged serial paedophile and criminal kingpin KEITH VAZ MP (as well as his close friends & accomplices John and Sally Bercow)?
(iv) Philip Martin Edmonds (nephew of Margaret Hodge) and Clement Freud (both of whom connect to the Madeleine McCann abduction/murder in Portugal, and a suspected trans European network of murderous VIP paedophiles and traffickers)?;
(v) The Tavistock Clinic in London;
(vi) Medical experimentation on children by the Tavistock Clinic in the realm of sex and gender reassignment, behavioural conditioning, and trauma based mind control? 
  • The Tavistock Clinic's founding father was CLEMENT FREUD'S GRANDFATHER, Sigmund Freud.
  • [b]Nick Ross' father, Hans, had a sister named Dina. Dina become a child psychotherapist at the TAVISTOCK CLINIC (Nick Ross is linked to alleged Savile accomplice and Mossad assets Esther Rantzen. The wider familial and social circle around Nick Ross includes his wife Sarah Caplin, Dr Alan Farthing and Sir Cliff Richard, all of whom are alleged collaborators).[/b]
  • Cicely Meehan, one of the two sisters who  helped raise alleged Dolphin Square child trafficker and child rapist Derek Laud, was a CHILD PSYCHOLOGIST. Was Cicely Meehan trained by, working for, or in any way connected to the TAVISTOCK CLINIC? [b]Did Cicely Meehan use trauma-based mind control, and/or other methods, to create in Derek Laud a disturbed personality (Differential Identity Disorder?) as part of a Tavistock clinical experiment, sponsored by the British and Israeli Intelligence agencies, with links to the alleged Savile-Currie-Freuds-Hodges-Vaz-Rantzen-royalty network of VIP child traffickers and paedophilse?[/b]
  • Was Jimmy Savile exposed to a similar upbringing focused on the creation of a personality disorder through repeated application of  trauma?

MANY of our most senior doctors and clinicians, Westminster politicians, spooks, 'esteemed' journalists and their editors, social care managers and social workers, local councillors, senior police and CPS personnel, judges, celebrities, and prominent businesspeople from all walks of life, are nothing less than criminal monsters.
They appear to have been coordinating (for decades?) extensive operations in trans-European child trafficking, paedophilia, murder, medical experimentation and mind-control, social-cultural engineering, and elaborate cover-ups, by 'hiding' in plain sight. 'Hiding', that is, in the most prominent positions in the British Establishment.
We now know who many of you are.

You are pursuing your sponsor's agenda of a Greater Israel at the cost of immense human suffering.

And your days are numbered.
More on the Tavistock Clnic:


"[Real-life] concerns were raised recently when a group of parents with transgender children met PAUL JENKINS, the chief executive of the TAVISTOCK AND PORTMAN NHS FOUNDATION TRUST, which operates the UK's only NHS gender identity development service (GIDS) for children, to express reservations about the speed with which some young people are going through the transitioning process."


Dr Rosemary Gillespie said PAUL JENKINS was involved in "potentially criminal behavior" while Vice Chair of Trustees at the Terrence Higgins Trust, and he had "groped and tried to kiss" Dr Mike Brady.

Dr Gillespie says she was forced out of her job at the Terrence Higgins Trust after she began investigating the "potentially criminal behaviour" of PAUL JENKINS and other trustees.


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