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Israel runs Anglo-Irish child abuse rings
Israel runs Anglo-Irish child abuse rings

In the previous post, "All Roads Lead to Tavistock", we saw how individuals whose names arise in investigations of organised VIP paedophilia and child trafficking (for example Nick Ross, Dame Esther Rantzen, Rolf Harris, Derek Laud, Dame Margaret Hodge and Sir Cliff Richard) have, or had, significant links to the Tavistock Institute and its partners.
All roads lead to Tavistock… but where else do they lead?
The answer is to Israel and the ‘Friends of Israel’.
For, as we shall see, ‘Friend of Israel’ is all-too-often a synonym for a dangerous criminal actively engaged in, condoning, facilitating, or covering up organised paedophilia and child trafficking to advance the cause and agenda of a Greater Israel.

  1. Sir Jimmy Savile (dec’d), linked to organised paedophilia & trafficking, 'Friend of Israel'
  2. Edwina Currie, linked to organised paedophilia/trafficking & cover-up, 'Friend of Israel'
  3. Dame Esther Rantzen, linked to organised paedophilia/trafficking cover-up, 'Friend of Israel'
  4. Sarah Caplin, (Rantzen’s cousin), linked to organised paedophilia/trafficking cover-up, 'Friend of Israel'
  5. Nick Ross, linked to organised paedophilia/trafficking cover-up, 'Friend of Israel'
  6. Sir Leon Brittan, linked to organised paedophilia/trafficking & cover-up, 'Friend of Israel'
  7. Lord William Hague, linked to organised paedophilia/trafficking cover-up, 'Conservative Friends of Israel'
  8. Louis Minster, linked to organised paedophilia & trafficking, 'Friend of Israel'
  9. Wilfred Krichefski (dec’d), linked to organised paedophilia & trafficking, 'Friend of Israel'
  10. Max Clifford (dec’d), linked to organised paedophilia cover-up, 'Friend of Israel'
  11. Dame Shirley Porter, linked to organised paedophilia/trafficking cover-up, 'Friend of Israel'
  12. Westminster Cllr Robert Davis, linked to organised paedophilia, 'Friend of Israel'
  13. Westminster Cllr Sir Simon Milton (dec’d), linked to organised paedophilia, 'Friend of Israel'
  14. Dr Julian Lewis MP, linked to organised paedophilia & cover-up, 'Friend of Israel'
  15. Lady Gillian Shephard, linked to paedophilia cover-up, 'Conservative Friends of Israel'
  16. Dame Margaret Hodge MP, linked to organised paedophilia/trafficking cover-up, 'Friend of Israel'
  17. Sir Henry Hodge (dec’d), linked to organised paedophilia facilitation, 'Friend of Israel'
  18. Jeffrey Epstein, linked to organised paedophilia/trafficking, 'Friend of Israel'
  19. Ghislaine Maxwell, linked to organised paedophilia/trafficking conspiracy, 'Friend of Israel'
  20. Sir Clement Freud (dec’d), linked to organised paedophilia & trafficking, 'Friend of Israel'
  21. Sir Malcolm Rifkind QC, linked to organised paedophilia/trafficking cover-up, 'Conservative Friends of Israel'
  22. Lord Greville Janner (dec’d), linked to serial paedophilia, 'Friend of Israel'
  23. Lord Daniel Finkelstein, linked to paedophilia denial, 'Friend of Israel'
  24. Daniel Janner QC (son), linked to paedophilia denial, 'Friend of Israel'
  25. Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner (daughter), linked to paedophilia denial, 'Friend of Israel'
  26. Lord Michael Howard QC, linked to organised paedophilia cover-up, 'Friend of Israel'
  27. John Bercow MP, linked to organised paedophilia/trafficking cover-up, 'Friend of Israel'
  28. Leo Abse MP (dec’d), linked to paedophilia, 'Friend of Israel'

The Zionist modus operandi for shaping UK politics, foreign policy and public opinion includes the use of Organised Child Sexual Abuse and Child Trafficking as a tool for rewarding, entrapping, controlling (blackmailing) and, when necessary, removing, parliamentarians and other key public office holders and VIPs. The organised and widespread trafficking and sexual abuse of children is employed throughout the world, including in the British Isles for many decades, as an effective tool for advancing the cause and agenda of Greater Israel.
An under-appreciated fact is that supreme paedophile ‘fixer’ (procurer and supplier of children) SIR JIMMY SAVILE OBE was a committed Zionist; indeed he once described himself as “the most Jewish Catholic you will ever meet”.

Savile lived in Roundhay, the heart of the Jewish community in Leeds, where he was highly active in the many local Jewish organisations. (As necessitated by his work as a supreme paedophile fixer, he also spent a lot of time 'on the road', and was a frequent visitor to Jersey, Scarborough, Glencoe (where he had a cottage), London, Surrey and Bournemouth (where he had a flat), for example, as well as Berkshire (Broadmoor psychiatric hospital) and Buckinghamshire (Stoke Mandeville hospital, where he had a flat).

The itinerant disc jockey was a ‘high-up’ in the British Westminster-VIP child sexual abuse and trafficking operation that ultra-Zionists (among others) judged as benefiting and advancing their mission.
As a mark of Sir James’ importance to the Zionist elite, Savile was afforded the rare and astonishing opportunity to advise Israel’s then- president, Ephraim Katzir. Savile addressed the Knesset during his 10-day ‘state visit’ to Israel in 1975 organised by Zionist John Levy of the Friends of Israel Educational Trust. Savile urged the Israeli government to be still more ruthless and less humane in their treatment of Palestinian Muslims.
Jersey in the Channel Islands was a key locale in the Westminster-VIP child trafficking and abuse circuit headed up by Savile and his Zionist ‘bosses’. None other than the President of Jersey’s small Jewish community, the late Jersey senator WILFRED KRICHEFSKI, reportedly raped boys at Haut de la Garenne, the care home where Savile himself also regularly abused and procured boys. (That is, when Savile wasn’t busy delivering Haut de la Garenne kids to blackmailed prime minister Edward Heath aboard his Morning Star yacht, where Heath would reportedly rape and murder them before throwing their bodies into the open sea, never to be recovered.)
Recall that EDWINA CURRIE (Conservative Friends of Israel) was the minister responsible for appointing Jimmy Savile to an interim task force to oversee the management of Broadmoor psychiatric hospital: ensuring that the Zionist master-fixer could abuse scores of vulnerable child and adult patients, as well as corpses. Moreover, Ms Currie kept quiet about her colleague Sir Peter Morrison’s paedophilia while he was abusing – only revealing it in her political memoirs long after Morrison's death.
Even more astonishingly, survivor Andrew Ash has accused Edwina Currie of herself belonging to the clique of politicians who sexually assaulted him during the 1990s, when Mr Ash was a young boy. Mr Ash's allegations were detailed in the Daily Express.
During this very period, we know that Ms Currie engineered a most improbable clandestine affair with then- prime minister John Major, which made her, at one time, the most knowledgeable and powerful woman in British politics. It seems fair to say that cunning Ms Currie held the paedophilic secrets of the Tories in one hand, and the electoral fate of John Major and his child raping ministers and backbenchers in the other. Thus Currie was, at one time, quite possibly, a vital cog in the Zionist-sponsored spreading of paedophilia and child trafficking throughout Westminster, London local authorities and the wider British Isles, from Kincora to Jersey.
When Currie's mate Jimmy Savile wasn't abusing in Jersey or Broadmoor psychiatric hospital, he might be found enjoying a cosy photo-op with Childline founder DAME ESTHER RANTZEN at a BBC event. Dame Esther was warned about Savile's paedophilia by brave child abuse survivor Shy Keenan. Not only did Rantzen fail to act on that warning, but she even appeared to relish Savile's company on a personal level, as a surviving photograph clearly shows.
Moreover, child abuse survivor Ben Fellows alleges that Rantzen held a sexualised ‘party’ at her New Forest home to which the BBC-and-Childline luminary brought him and other child actors. Fellows alleges that this sexualised party involved the consumption of banned substances in the presence of many minors (himself included, since he was a child at the time).
It gets worse - much worse. In 1991, Esther Rantzen was accused by the Mirror newspaper group of keeping quiet about an alleged child abuser because she owed him a favour. And it was reported by the national press in 1994 that a child was sexually assaulted at Esther Rantzen’s home in the New Forest. Most astonishingly of all, Rantzen was previously in a relationship with Elm Guest House child abuser Sir Nicholas Fairbairn MP.
Today, Rantzen’s role as the all-powerful co-founder of Childine troubles some campaigners greatly, for it is a widely held belief that Childline has functioned as a monitoring, filtering and 'red light warning system' that provides the Zionist elite with advance warning of claims of abuse being made against its members, so that such accusations can be contained and the complainants discredited or silenced. Childline was established by Rantzen with her cousin, the BBC producer Sarah Caplin, and its first government grant came from Edwina Currie (whose abominable actions as a Tory minister we have already cited).
Sarah Caplin is currently surveying 'Jewish communal attitudes' for a postgraduate degree at the Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science, an altogether-creepy institution she established with her Zionist husband, Nick Ross, following Jill Dando’s horrific murder. Nick Ross had been Dando's close colleague on the BBC's Crimewatch show prior to her being executed by an unidentified assailant - thought to have been a Mossad hire.

There is a widely held belief that Nick Ross, Sarah Caplin and Ms Rantzen are implicated in the murder of Jill Dando, along with Dando’s close friend Cliff Richard and her husband Dr Alan Farthing, because they know why she was killed and the group responsible for it. The assassination of Ms Dando was apparently the only certain way to stop the tireless Crimewatch host from pursuing her investigations into the organised VIP paedophilia network, whose tentacles at the BBC she had begun to uncover.
Like Ross and Caplin, and of course the late Jimmy Savile, indefatigable 'children's champion' Dame Esther is understood to be another important cog in the Israeli-sponsored Westminster-VIP child abuse and trafficking operation that has been operating throughout the British Isles for some decades.
During the period when it is alleged that boys from Grafton Close children’s home (in Richmond on Thames) were taken to the Elm Guest House boy brothel and sexually abused by Dame Esther’s partner Nicholas Fairbairn and others, LOUIS MINSTER was in charge of Richmond’s social services. Indeed, cunning Mr Minster was the boss of the late John Stingemore, the former head of Grafton Close, who was arrested as part of Operation Fernbridge for the sexual abuse of children in his care as young as 9. Worse still, it is understood that Mr Minister himself raped boys at the Elm Guest; for his name, like that of Esther Rantzen’s former partner, appears on the infamous Elm Guest House list.
Another of the right-wing VIPs who allegedly raped boys at Elm Guest House was the late SIR LEON BRITTAN, the former home secretary. Evil Leon Brittan has also been credibly accused of attempting to smuggle child pornography through UK Customs, raping a 19-year-old student, and burying a dossier of evidence supplied to him by Geoffrey Dickens MP that detailed parliamentarians and members of the royal household who sexually abused children at the Elm and elsewhere. (Members of the royal household have been named among those who raped boys at the Elm during the period when Brittan himself allegedly preyed on boys there. Cliff Richard, close friend of the Zionist monster Tony Blair, was also identified as an alleged Elm Guest House predator. ‘Kitty’, as the singer reportedly chose to be known when at the boy brothel, has retained a lawyer, Gideon Benaim, who works out of Tavistock Square, the site of the 7/7 London bus bombing and original site of the Tavistock Institute and Clinic. Benaim previously represented convicted paedophile Roman Polanski, accused of drugging and raping a 13-year-old).
LADY DIANA BRITTAN, like her late husband the paedophilic Sir Leon, prefers to retain the services of sinister law firm Mishcon de Reya, which was founded by the late Zionist peer Victor Mishcon. Mishcon de Reya’s other clients have included paedophile MAX CLIFFORD, the former public relations oracle whose talent for burying scandal and criminality made him a confidante of law-breaking Members of Parliament and celebrities. Following Mr Clifford's conviction and imprisonment for child abuse, the parliamentarians and VIPs whose paedophile secrets Clifford knew all about deemed the washed-up PR man to have become a dangerous liability. Mr Clifford wasn't alive for much longer to tell any 'tales'.
Elm Guest House boys were often abused elsewhere in London, including at the notorious Dolphin Square apartment block. In that period, the ultimate owner of Dolphin Square was the Conservative-controlled Westminster City Council, led by sociopathic Zionist criminal and Israeli dual national DAME SHIRLEY PORTER. Scallywag magazine found compelling evidence that Porter’s Tory councillor cronies were among the politicians who, inside the Dolphin Square flats let to MPs, sexually assaulted boys brought to Pimlico from locales including Grafton Close/Elm Guest House, other Richmond on Thames and Islington care homes and institutions, boys’ homes in North Wales (Bryn Alyn, Bryn Estyn and Ty’r Felin), and Northern Ireland (Kincora).
Undoubtedly, Dame Shirley would have known all about the criminal activities of her loyal Thatcherite councillors (all shady men) and the resultant ‘control files’. Two of the most famous councillors whose names come up in relation to the child rapes at Dolphin Square are the highly corrupt ROBERT DAVIS, and Davis’ then partner, the late SIR SIMON MILTON. Others implicated include the former Westminster councillors Miles Young (now the Warden of New College, Oxford), Alan Bradley (interviewed in 2015 by Operation Midland detectives), Peter Martindale, Robert John Moreland and Alex Segal.
Another of the prominent right-wing Tories who allegedly assaulted boys at Dolphin Square is Zionist DR JULIAN LEWIS MP, the man credited with shutting down Scallywag magazine, thereby neatly preventing its journalists from continuing their investigations into him and his allegedly paedophilic Zionist clique, whose other members reportedly included David Nicholson MP, Robert George Banks MP, Sir Edward Leigh MP, Michael Portillo MP, Peter Lilley MP, David Steel MP and Lord Alistair Basil Cooke, Baron Lexden. (All Tories, apart from Steel. Mostly Thatcherites). 

As of late 2018, Dr Julian Lewis is using his personal website to highlight having in the 1990s provided considerable assistance to the late paedophilic policeman Gordon Anglesea when Scallywag magazine correctly tied the predator to the sexual abuse of boys from Bryn Estyn. As Dr Lewis ought to know, in 2016 Anglesea was convicted of child abuse offences; he died in prison later that year. Why does Mr Lewis still wish to memorialise his acts of support for a deceased paedophile whose guilt has been beyond question for two years?
Interestingly, at around the time of his alleged visits to Dolphin Square, Peter Lilley's dreams of becoming Leader of the Conservative Party were being championed by his loyal former Parliamentary Private Secretary, GILLIAN SHEPHARD. In 1994 Shephard had been appointed the Secretary of State for Education.
Ms Shephard (Zionist - Conservative Friends of Israel), "was sent detailed claims of rape and sexual grooming of pupils at Knowl View school". The paedophile Liberal MP Cyril Smith was identified in the materials sent to Shephard’s parliamentary office. Catastrophically, Ms Shepard declined to intervene, or even to forward the allegations and evidence to police. Lady Shephard is now seeking to justify her unconscionable inaction by insisting she ‘knew nothing about’ the packet of materials or its contents. (Presumably, dossiers of evidence concerning parliamentarians involved in serial child rape were arriving at Ms Shephard’s parliamentary office in such numbers that they were too commonplace to bother with?)
Mishcon de Reya’s other famous political clients include the fanatical Zionist DAME MARGARET HODGE MP, who was at the very heart of the Islington Child Abuse Scandal, which in turn linked to organised child sexual abuse in both Jersey (Haut de la Garenne) and other London boroughs including Lambeth and Richmond on Thames (Grafton Close). By a remarkable coincidence, Ms Hodge’s New Labour colleague, Keith Vaz (Labour Friends of Israel), was employed as a solicitor first by Richmond on Thames Council, and thereafter by Margaret Hodge's very own Islington Borough Council, during the very periods when care homes overseen by both authorities were hotbeds of organised, widespread paedophilia and child trafficking. What a 'coincidence'.
Dame Margaret was a key New Labour architect along with toxic Zionist, SIR PETER  MANDELSON. Notably, Sir Peter’s accursed name has arisen twice in relation to organised paedophilia. In 2003, it was reported by national media that Peter Mandelson had been a person of interest for detectives assigned to Operation Ore, a nationwide police operation to identify and prosecute users of a website peddling child pornography. The New Labour grandee was not arrested or charged, because detectives insisted, bizarrely, they had somehow ‘confused’  the unmistakable parliamentarian with an obscure Welsh student of the same name. The story was unconvincing to many.
In 2011 Sir Peter Mandelson’s name surfaced once again in relation to child sexual abuse. For in that year, it was widely reported by national media that his name and details were contained in the infamous ‘black book’ of contacts (clients?) assembled by VIP paedophile and fixer, the Zionist billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. At the time, GHISLAINE MAXWELL (daughter of the late alleged Mossad agent, Robert Maxwell), was named as Epstein’s British ‘Madam’ and co-conspirator in an alleged international child trafficking and child prostitution enterprise involving politicians and VIPs.
But back to Margaret Hodge. Incredibly, Dame Hodge is also linked to organised child trafficking in Portugal and the disappearance of Madeleine McCann through her wealthy nephew, PHILIP MARTIN EDMONDS, the deputy chairman of Stemcor. By a remarkable coincidence, Mr Edmonds was holidaying at the Praia da Luz resort in Portugal at just the same time Madeleine McCann was abducted – only to abruptly fly out within hours of the news of Madeleine’s disappearance. Understandably, Mr Edmonds is a person of interest to those following the ongoing McCann police investigations.
For Dame Margaret, proximity to organised paedophilia and child trafficiking appears to be a family affair. The New Labour architect’s late husband, SIR HENRY HODGE, was a member of the executive of the National Council for Civil Liberties (which later changed its name to Liberty) during the period when its affiliates included the Paedophile Information Exchange: a notorious organisation which promoted the Elm Guest House boy brothel to its members, openly advocating 'sex' (i.e. rape) with children. The Hodge family connections to the Westminster-VIP trafficking and abuse network don’t end there, however. For Hodge’s son in law, Islington Councillor JOE CALUORI, continues to serve as that rotten borough’s head of children’s services. Through two investigations into the Islington child abuse scandal in which his mother-in-law played the key role, Mr Caluori has doggedly refused to give up his post as Executive Member for Children, Young People and Families. There is a belief that what the millionaire 'Hodge Clan' know about the facilitation and covering-of child abuse would fill the pages of many volumes.
At the time of Madeleine McCann's fateful disappearance in 2007 from a resort in Praia da Luz, Philip Martin Edmonds was not the only British VIP closely linked to that now-infamous spot in Portugal. Almost unbelievably, the late paedophile politician SIR CLEMENT FREUD owned a nearby villa at which he often stayed. Mr Freud had reportedly bought the villa in 1987 and sold it in 2002, but it is understood that the new owner continued to make it available to the serial child rapist until the monster’s death in 2009. Within days of Madeleine's presumed abduction, quite incredibly, Clement Freud was in residence at his Praia da Luz villa and befriending the missing toddler’s parents. After sexually abusing young girls for decades, Clement Freud now entertained the 'grieving' McCanns! It was reported in the national press that he joked with Kate McCann about her tabloid reputation as a "nymphomaniac". There is a belief that the late Clement Freud, like the McCanns and Philip Edmonds, knew rather a lot about what really happened to missing Madeleine.
Children were brought to Elm Guest House, as advertised in PIE publications, as well as Westminster City Council owned- Dolphin Square, from other parts of London, North Wales and Northern Ireland to be abused by parliamentarians, in an arrangement that reportedly involved the late Tony chairman, Lord McAlpine; Bryn Alyn Community owner John Allen (subsequently imprisoned for a catalogue of child abuse offences); senior police and medics; MPs, peers  and London councillors (as detailed earlier); and paedophile fixers such as the parliamentary 'lobbyists' Derek Laud and Ian Greer, as well as Jimmy Savile. (With the paedophile Lord Mountbatten and paedophilic staff from the royal household on the periphery of the network as ‘service users’. Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles know quite a lot about this).
As we've already seen, Sir Leon Brittan successfully covered-up evidence of the Westminster-VIP paedophile network: after retirement from active politics relying on his Thatcherite protégé and personal friend, WILLIAM HAGUE (Zionist - Conservative Friends of Israel) to perpetuate and deepen the cover up. When William Hague wasn't spending his free time in Leon Brittan’s company (hill-walking being a favoured leisure time pursuit for the nauseating pair) the younger Thatcherite was enamoured with fixer Jimmy Savile, as revealed in an extant photograph which shows the duo clownishly mauling each other.
More recently, Leon Brittan's famous cousin, the Tory former cabinet minister SIR MALCOLM RIFKIND (Zionist - Conservative Friends of Israel) just 'happened' to be appointed Chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) when allegations of a Westminster-VIP paedophile and trafficking network involving 'Cousin Leon' made national headlines, engulfing Westminster in police investigations. The ISC has oversight of MI5, MI6 and GCHQ. Therefore, quite 'coincidentally', Sir Malcolm would have been apprised by the Intelligence agencies of facts and evidence previously provided in secret to his paedophilic cousin Sir Leon. This undoubtedly put Rifkind in an ideal position to bury said evidence.
Hague, Rifkind and Brittan were by no means alone in covering up the evidence of organised VIP child sexual abuse while occupying some of the highest positions in the British state. After all, former UK prime minister, the late Margaret Thatcher, appropriately lauded by Zionists as a 'Friend of Israel', saw and heard ‘nothing’ of the activities of her ministers and backbenchers in North Wales, Kincora, Dolphin Square and the Elm boy brothel. Nor did John Major, and nor did the Welsh Zionist MICHAEL HOWARD, who was Home Secretary when the Westminster-VIP paedophile and trafficking network was operating at full tilt. He saw and heard 'nada'. But of course he didn't.
When it became crucial to deflect the police, public and media spotlight away from the allegations of paedophilia involving Lord McAlpine at Bryn Alyn, the wife of Tory JOHN BERCOW MP, Sally Bercow, adeptly provided a ruse at just the right moment. Using her Twitter account, Ms Bercow lit the fire on a soap opera set-piece that saw her ‘successfully’ sued by McAlpine for 'defaming' him - thereby sending a sharp warning to other social media users and journalists to refrain from identifying other Westminster/VIP paedophiles. McAlpine died or fled (to Israel?) shortly afterwards, being no longer needed.
Hot-tempered bully John Bercow MP, who is currently being "assessed" by police in relation to at least one allegation of misconduct in public office, is a close friend and political protector of alleged serial paedophile Keith Vaz MP (Labour Friends of Israel), who apparently has multiple links to child sexual abuse. Indeed, well-informed Westminster insider Paul Staines has disclosed that a number of MPs have received credible complaints of paedophilia involving Mr Vaz, which they have in turn handed over to police. 

In the light of Paul Staines' disclosure's about Vaz, it will surprise few that the slippery MP was previously close to the late paedophile Zionist MP GREVILLE JANNER. Indeed, Mr Vaz was instrumental in killing a 1991 investigation into Janner by respected journalist Jay Rayner; an investigation which could have helped Janner's child victims to win justice.

According to a recent statement by the director of public prosecutions, there is now an understanding by the authorities that Lord Janner committed 22 sex offences against children and youths between 1969 and 1988, ranging from indecent assault to rape. However, when journalist Jay Rayner was investigating some of these allegations in 1991, Mr Vaz stood up in Parliament to protest his Labour colleague's innocence in the strongest possible turns, and simultaneously assail the motives of Janner's accusers. This Oscar-worthy performance by Vaz effectively shut down Jay Rayner and others who had been investigating the paedophilic Zionist.

Equally as disturbing, there is a belief that Vaz’s diabetes charity, Silver Star (of which Dame Esther Rantzen is naturally a Patron) operates in part as a front for laundering monies connected to organised child exploitation. (As a 'washing machine' salesman, the laundering of dirty money would appear to mesh with Mr Vaz’s self-professed modus operandi, and could perhaps help to explain the source of funding for his and his wife's magnificent international property empire).

Others to have been recently investigated by police for alleged paedophile offences include the late LEO ABSE MP, who entered party politics through Poale Zion (Workers of Zion), and was reportedly educated by his maternal grandfather, a Zionist. And secondly Lord Paul Boateng (Labour Friends of Israel), whom police are now investigating because of his alleged connections with convicted paedophile Michael John Carroll.
Another of Tony Blair’s friends and political allies was the late Zionist LORD GREVILLE JANNER (see earlier discussion), whose surviving children, the fanatical DANIEL JANNER QC and RABBI LAURA JANNER-KLAUSNER are the staunchest defenders of their evil father’s reputation, in the face of voluminous evidence that he raped and assaulted multiple children and youths. The psychological impact on child abuse victims of the famous siblings' ceaseless public denials is great.

Another of Lord Janner’s greatest self-professed admirers was the powerful Zionist journalist BARON DANIEL FINKELSTEIN OBE, the associate editor (and former executive editor) of Rupert Murdoch’s reliably Zionist 'Times' newspaper. Almost unbelievably, Lord Finkelstein previously served as political adviser to none other than Leon Brittan's political protégé and close friend, William Hague. Using Twitter, Lord Finkelstein has let the world know his bizarre opinion that the evil Greville Janner would have made an excellent leader of the Labour party. Perhaps Lord Finkelstein also thinks Jimmy Savile would have made a good prime minister?

Zionists of the ultra-extreme variety make up only a small fraction of the 0.5% of British people who identify as Jewish. Many, many Jews are not Zionists; and among those who are, only a tiny and demented fraction would condone the use of organised paedophilia and child trafficking to further the cause of Greater Israel or the Israeli state. Many Zionist 'Friends of Israel' are not Jewish in any case, but instead profess to be Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, agnostics or atheists.
The issue is not Jews at all, but a demented minority of extreme Zionists and 'Friends of Israel' who have no compunction about using paedophilia and child trafficking, and the covering-up thereof, in pursuit of their political agenda to make Israel larger and more powerful (or in some cases merely to claim a paycheque from their Zionist paymasters, or exemption from exposure as criminals or sexual miscreants). Only a small elite within the tiny fraction of the Jewish community that is ultra-Zionist is linked to the operation of organised paedophilia and child trafficking. [i]The overwhelming majority of Jews are good people: no better or worse than the vast majority of Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, agnostics and atheists.[/i]

The truth is not anti-Semitic. The truth is anti-Zionist.

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