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Fake Protests
From Occupy to Extinction Rebellion - exposing the common purpose...
Those behind Extinction Rebellion -

Dr Gail Marie Bradbrook: Compassionate Revolutionary… for hire?
Extinction Rebellion is a fake protest movement and has nothing to do with protecting the environment or climate change. 

The founders are in league with global corporatists and are actively diverting attention away from the real issue which is the deadly but lucrative and rapid rollout of the 5G technology across the globe.

This technology is the REAL extinction event, and will destroy everyone and everything in its path. It certainly isn’t man induced climate change, where carbon dioxide, a vital ingredient to the process of photosynthesis for plant growth has been relentlessly demonised.

People need to wake up fast to what is actually happening here before real irreversible destruction to humankind and nature occurs, through the reckless deployment of 5G.

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