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''The paedophile file', Scallywag issue 14, 1993
The paedophile file

Scallywag issue 14, 1993

[redacted] with special responsibilities for [redacted] in the cabinet has been in receipt of paedophile material from abroad. This comes in the wake of other allegations that there is a paedophile ring within Westminster, also involving at least one former cabinet minister now in [redacted].

It is believed mail has been intercepted by HM Customs at Mount Pleasant sorting house addressed to their respective private residences.

The allegations against [redacted] are very serious and would [redacted] certainly have come to the attention of the security forces.

It is also alleged that pictures taken in various children's homes in the UK of a paedophile nature have also found their way to the two addresses. Also, pictures taken for legal purposes, and several videos, have been copied and distributed in Westminster.

The paedophile ring is an 'all-party' affair and in all cases is restricted to young boys. According to our sources some show straight pornographic acts and others are sadistic and show bruised buttocks after savage beatings.

In no way are the sources of the British material revealed other than post marks.

Note: this entirely true story has been edited by lawyers.

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