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No reply to Emails

I am a new user to this forum - be gentle!

I have not used forums for a long time, generally due to the abuse that seems to come with forum usage.

Long story short - at the beginning of last month I contacted 3 people in the alternate media via email, Richie Allen being one of those people.  I had set up a standing order to Richie in the 1st week of June and had emailed him to request that he confirm the donation had been set up properly and that he was receiving them.

I received a reply to the initial email from Richie, which required further communication as it involved other information he requested from me.  I have since sent 7 emails to Richie since last month and have yet to receive a reply to any of them. I even set up a new email account and sent a message from there as well - still no reply, from any of the people in question.

This would not have made me so paranoid had the very same thing not occurred with the other people I sent emails to.  Initially I thought it was a case of these particular people being busy but now I am beginning to think it is something a LOT more sinister for reasons I may go into later. I have even suspected google of maybe tampering with and blocking my email communications, and still do to a certain extent.

Is anyone else having similar problems? Can any one suggest any help? Is Richie blocking or ignoring my emails for some reason, or simply not receiving them? This is becoming seriously frustrating to the point of paranoia and neuroses.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

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