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The Rise of AI and Robots
Kevin Warwick on the rise of AI and robots and Andrew Basiago on the “secret time travel programme…”
Japan is replacing its aging construction workers with robots -

Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot can now chase you through the woods -
RoboFly is first flying-insect micro-robot to go tetherless -
A.I. takes over hospital jobs in London, implantable smart devices in soldiers, and growing organs ...
As 40 percent of Americans can’t pay $400 bill, Pentagon spends $1 billion developing killer robots

An arms race for autonomous killing machines is on, as the United States is not the only country developing advanced military robots.....
Bio-bots on horizon as scientists merge muscle cells with metal skeleton 

Fleshy bio-robots are some way off the stacked physique of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘Terminator,’ but research in a Tokyo lab could see androids fitted with working muscle mass to rival the Hollywood killing machine....

The robot chef that can flip 300 burgers a day: 'Flippy' returns to work at a Californian fast food chain after being re-trained to work with humans
  • It ran in to problems after struggling to put the burgers onto the right tray 
  • Concerns about Flippy's ability to work efficiently were first raised in March 
  • Its creators hope to bring Flippy to 50 other CaliBurger locations across the US

Aerial robot that can morph in flight

French researchers have drawn inspiration from birds to design an aerial robot capable of altering its profile during flight. To reduce its wingspan and navigate through tight spaces, it can reorient its arms, which are equipped with propellers that let it fly like a helicopter. It paves the way for a new generation of large robots that can move through narrow passages, making them ideal for exploration as well as search and rescue missions....
Sex robots are already here, but are they healthy for humans?
World, meet Harmony. Completely artificial and programmed by computer chips, the somewhat lifelike sex robot is marketed by sex doll maker Realbotix for $15,000. According to The Guardian, she's equipped for intimate relations but is also "the perfect companion," Realbotix says—able to quote Shakespeare and remember your birthday .....
Firefighting robot snake flies on jets of water -
Using steerable jets of water like rockets, this robot snake can fly into burning buildings to extinguish fires...
What could go wrong? US army planning to deploy autonomous killer robots on battlefield by 2028 -

U.S. officials are openly discussing the military's vision for implementing autonomous and semi-autonomous unmanned vehicles in the next decade ....
Humans need not apply: AI to take over customer service Jobs -

“With Amelia, we graduate into automating the knowledge worker, the customer service agent.”

The last ten years have been a rough time for many bank employees in Spain....

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