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Smart Meters
Smart Meters are part of an emerging Smart Grid of wireless communication from centralised control centres to and from every home and business. It is planned that everyone on the planet will eventually be connected to the Smart Grid wireless field.

Everyone will be subject to the wireless mind control and surveillance of the Smart Grid. Origin Energy, Australia’s biggest power supplier, has a privacy/ consent form on its website listing the organisations with which a Smart Meter customer must agree to share their private data:

• Government authorities
• Electricity installers
• Mail houses
• Data processing analysts
• IT service providers
• Smart energy technology providers
• Debt collection agencies
• Credit reporting agencies

Origen Energy said that ‘the additional information requested about each household adds to the richness of the Origin Smart experience’. This ‘richness’ also includes the authorities and energy companies having the power to turn down your heating whenever they choose once the Smart Meter system is installed and even turn off your fridge eventually.

The real reason for Smart Meters is hidden behind nonsense such as ‘increased use of digital information and controls technology to improve reliability, security and efficiency of the electric grid’ and ‘integration of “smart” appliances and consumer devices’.

The latter means that all domestic appliances are planned to be microchipped to receive and communicate information to and from the centralised control centres. All this will allow Big Brother to know every time you open your fridge door, wash, go to bed or use your computer and how many people are in your home and where they are.

Now you can see the significance of the Apple-connected chip company ARM producing ‘low-powered, less expensive chips for use in domestic appliances, even doorbells’ and why former CIA Director David Petraeus said:

.... items of interest will be located, identified, monitored and remotely controlled through technologies such as radio-frequency identification [microchips], sensor networks, tiny embedded servers, and energy harvesters –all connected to the next-generation Internet using abundant, low-cost, and high-power computing that would ‘transform’ the art of spying and allow people to be monitored automatically without planting bugs or direct infiltration.
You don't have to have one , but if you notice at least some of the energy providers are offering cheaper plans to encourage you to have one fitted . In effect penalising you for not having one . You have to wonder why serviceable meters are being removed and replaced with smart meters at a cost of billions across the US and Europe in a big  urgent push  rather than wait until the old ones are due replacement ?
They even claim to save you money on your energy bills but it's metering what you are using ,not restricting it or optimising it . They must actually use power themselves to transmit data must they not ?
what is also likely to happen is that they can see when your household uses most power and set your peak times individually and charge you more at these times. There's also concern that data collected from them could be sold for marketing purposes .
(01-24-2018, 07:08 AM)jeff55 Wrote: Even if you don't see any danger in smart meters please remember that by having one you are helping to put someone out of work, just the same as the self service check outs - I never use them for the same reason.

We had one of these seller at our door last week, his selling pitch was, all you do is buy your power and it will be added to the meter before you can get home, I said, do you realize once you have got enough people to subscribe that all of the meter readers jobs as well as your own will be terminated, his answr was, well that may, be but I'm only doing my job, he was self employed BTW, so I sent him packing without any commission.
EMFs and RFRs finally taken to court, in Canada
Look out Victorian water customers -

 – your utility may be rolling out smart meters!
AMI Smart Meter defeat at new Mexico public regulation commission -

Whoever would even have guessed a state public utility commission would reject the New World Order’s and the UN’s Agendas 21 and 2030 “smart agenda” for asserting and implementing global control mechanisms by deliberately DISAPPROVING a utility company’s proposal to retrofit AMI Smart Meters on to its customers’ electric service?
If no one comes to read your utility meters, you probably have problematic “smart” meters -

Documentary “Take back your power 2017,” now available for free viewing ....
The Great Smart Meter Swindle...
Foiling a Smart Meter ....
SMART METER DANGERS, Knowledge = Power ...

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