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Austerity and Debt
Austerity and Debt -

The debt trap is being played on countries as well as individuals with governments (taxpayers) drowning in debt to banks and other creditors. Official American government debt is approaching $ 20 trillion but the real figure with everything added in is more like hundreds of trillions. 

Laurence Kotikoff, economics professor at Boston University, suggested a figure of $ 220 trillion some years ago. Cumulative individual debt of Americans is estimated to be $ 11.85 trillion by 2015 figures with student ‘loans’ at nearly $ 1.19 trillion. 

Debt = control = slavery, just as scarcity = dependency = control. 

The equation the Elites and their bloodlines want to avoid at all costs is -

Abundance = choice = freedom. 

We have become used to seeing European and global entities such as the European Central Bank (ECB), International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank moving in to ‘bail out’ countries like Greece, Ireland and others. ‘Bail out’ is code for imposing massive interest-bearing debt, transferring wealth from people to bankers, and vicious austerity on entire populations, which they subsequently control by dictating to governments who dictate to the people. 

These global and European banking entities were created by apparently unconnected financial operations and global groupings that are all attached to the same Web. The same people appear in multiple guises to drive the world economy in the desired direction. 

Central banks in each country follow a common agenda orchestrated and coordinated through the Rothschild-created Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basel, Switzerland, which has branches in Hong Kong and Mexico City. Calculated coordination is camouflaged by claims that the BIS ‘fosters international monetary and financial cooperation’. 

Monetary and financial conspiracy more like with the heads of major central banks meeting in Basle every two months to get their orders from the Elite Hidden Hand. The BIS is not accountable to any government, tax authority or international laws. The Wall Street Journal said: ‘While many national governments, including the US, have failed to agree on fiscal policy – how best to balance tax revenues with spending during slow growth – the central bankers have forged their own path, independent of voters and politicians, bound by frequent conversations and relationships stretching back to university days.’ 

Bound by frequent conversations with people they would not dare to cross would be far more accurate. Central control of central banks allows the Hidden Hand working through the Bank for International Settlements to dictate financial policy in every country. 

The Group of Thirty, or G30, founded in 1978 at the behest of the Rockefeller Foundation, is another strand in the Web involving the same crowd. What appear to be government organisations are actually private. The US Federal Reserve is the central bank that directs the American economy but it is a cartel of private banks and its control by government is purely illusory.
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