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Saturn's Left Brain
Energetic influences of Saturn, the reptilian segment of the brain, and the left side of the brain all have very similar traits. They are part of the same control system encoding and decoding our reality. A brain has two hemispheres with a bridge between them known as the corpus callosum. These hemispheres, or sides, have very distinct ‘personalities’ and roles to play in decoding reality as mainstream science agrees. We are supposed to integrate both hemispheres via the ‘bridge’ and be whole-brained, but this is not the case with most people thanks to ‘education’ and life-long manipulation of reality. 

The right side of the brain perceives (decodes) unity, not division, and sees wholes, not parts; it is the random, spontaneous, creative, inspirational and unpredictable maverick and has a ‘subjective’ sense of reality –‘proceeding from or taking place in a person’s mind rather than the external world’. Right brain is individuality, artistic and creatively inspired. Mavericks terrify mainstream thinking, which demands uniformity and predictability and seeks to suppress the right hemisphere to allow the left side to dominate perception. 

Personality/decoding traits of the left-brain are focussed on the ‘logical, rational and sequential’ all pillars of perception/reality pedalled by the Elite/establishment conspiracy. System thinkers like are obsessed with what they believe to be logical and rational, but all that means is logical and rational when viewed from a skewed belief in what is real. What can be logical and rational to someone who believes in a solid reality can seem stupid to those who don’t. The reverse is true, too, of course. 

Reality perceptions of the left side of the brain are the very epitome of mainstream science and Mainstream Everything. Left-brain reality overwhelmingly decodes into being the world that people think they daily experience. Left-brain is ‘objective’ which means ‘based on observable phenomena, presented factually: an objective appraisal’. Put another way ... can I touch it, taste it, smell it, hear it or see it? I can? Oh, it must exist then. 

Try telling the left-brain what the right-brain can perceive and it will dismiss the very idea. ‘That right-brain must be deluded or mad’, it will say. ‘It should get a proper education like me.’ Left-brain is the target and focus of System education with all its emphasis on remembering names, dates and alleged facts in pursuit of its definition of intelligence. Education can be nicely summarised as dealing with ‘observable phenomena, presented factually’ (or its version of factually). 

Pursuits that activate and make events appear to happen in the sequence are what we know as ‘time’. The speed it makes the sequence happen dictates how you experience the passage of ‘time’. Right-brain can connect you with ‘out there’ and the left is focussed almost entirely on the ‘down here’. While right-brain sees connections and unity of everything, the left side sees only parts with ‘space’ in between. It sees dots, not pictures, and is obsessed with structure and hierarchy. This is, not by coincidence, the reality of Mainstream Everything. 

The following quote is a good example of the difference between brain hemispheres: ‘The moment a little boy is concerned with which is a jay and which is a sparrow [left-brain] ... he can no longer see the birds or hear them sing [right-brain].’ 

The System is structured to entrap the human sense of reality in the left side of the brain so we decode reality in a form that most enslaves us, and it deploys guards at the entrance to the left-brain called teachers, academics, scientists, media people, politicians and others to block right-brain influence. In the same way that soldiers fight wars without understanding the true background so these guards insist on subordination to left-brain perceptions even though this is oppressing them, too, and their own families, by suppressing their sense of reality. They are left-brain prisoners working to imprison every subsequent generation and have no idea they are doing so. 

You can’t see how everything is connected and how the dots fit together if your reality is only the result of left-brain perception. Left-brain can’t decode unity when it can perceive only apartness and this is the perception that dominates education, science, medicine, politics, media, economics and business. We talk about people being ‘in the box’ and in decoding terms the left side of the brain is the box. It’s a jail cell, a neurological Alcatraz. Of course, that it not to say that has no part to play as part of the whole brain; but when it is the dictator of perception at the expense of right-brain insight, the cell door slams shut.
Saturn and the Occult.... Gods and Symbolism
Activation of right and left side of the brain -

The brain has two hemispheres, connected by a bridge called "Corpus callosum." Even in classical science it is accepted that the two brain hemispheres have very different functions. The difference in function leads us into much more abundant experience of reality, or in a very narrow – prison kind reality....

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