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Climate Change
Consensus? 500 Scientific Papers published in 2018 support a skeptical position on climate alarm...
Greenpeace co-founder on Carbon Dioxide ....

Top Scientist Resigns: 'Global Warming is a $Trillions Scam — It has Corrupted Many Scientists'

Top Astrophysicist Warns Of Cosmic Rays Climate Impact...


The Stunning Statistical Fraud Behind The Global Warming Scare...
Quote from the climate change debate yesterday in the house of lords -

 5.04 pm

The Earl of Caithness (Con)

My Lords, regardless of greenhouse gases, human beings would be discussing climate change today. We are in a warm interglacial period. These warm periods last about 10,000 years and the last ice age ended 12,000 years ago. It is a reasonable hypothesis that one of the reasons the ice age was prevented from coming again was that hunter-gatherers started settling and becoming farmers. That was the initial start of the check and the hot climate change we are experiencing today.

As the noble Baroness, Lady Brown, said, one of the consequences of climate change that we are now suffering is that sea levels are rising. During our lifetime, the north of Scotland has been steadily rising out of the sea. This is called post-glacial rebound uplift. Dynamic Coast at Glasgow University confirmed to me yesterday that its latest evidence shows that sea levels are outpacing the uplift, so the north of Scotland is now suffering from higher sea levels. Today, we have been told that the Barents Sea is at a tipping point from a climate change point of view. It is changing from an Arctic to an Atlantic climate. That will have quite major effects. This has been described as the first modern example of a rapid climate change shift event.

It is the melting of not just glacial ice but sea ice that has caused problems and has contributed to the moving of magnetic north. Recent research on the movement of magnetic north, which has suddenly accelerated, has shown that it is human abstraction of water, particularly in Eurasia and India, that has helped to shift magnetic north. What does my noble friend on the Front Bench anticipate being the effect of this on climate change? Does he think it is now increasingly likely, as some scientists are predicting, that we will get a global shift again? These happen every 400,000 years or so. The last one was 780,000 years ago, so perhaps we are due for a global shift. That will complicate matters not a little, I suggest.

Let me move from magnetic north to the magnetic field around the Earth. What does my noble friend think of the latest research in Sweden by the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, which claims that cosmic rays have a major effect on our weather? Its research underpins research done about 10 years ago, also in Sweden, which says it is the high sun activity, particularly at the moment, which is the greatest it has been for at least 1,000 years, that is causing climate change. As a result, we have overestimated the amount that carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases are contributing to our climate change. If we have done that, all our models—the models the noble Baroness, Lady Brown, relies on—are wrong. If we are to tackle climate change, whether it is getting colder or warmer, we need to have a factual scientific base. If some scientists are now saying that the reasons are different from what we thought, undermining much of what has been said in the debate, we need to take that into account.

I move quickly on to mitigation and follow up what the noble Baroness, Lady Brown, said. Sea erosion is cause not just by the waves but the sediment in them and their force at sea level. Latest reports say that more than 1 million houses are at threat from coastal erosion in the next 60 years. We ought to start to get a planning policy that forbids any development, not just on flood plains, but in any of those areas that will be subject to coastal erosion. We need to identify areas that we are not going to do anything with, where we are going to let nature take over and where we will make protection. Could my noble friend tell us what is being done on that?

I conclude by challenging us in the West. We are terribly good at thinking we are doing good things with climate change, and it does our ego the power of good to drive electric vehicles. But it does climate change no good at all if we drive an electric vehicle that is made in the Far East, and the power to make it is generated by burning coal. That is far worse for the world than using our old diesel cars.

Won't see that on the #bbc
Global Warming: A Colossal Hoax Designed to Further Enrich NWO Globalists....
Climate change debate is changing around the world.
Former President of Greenpeace scientifically rips climate change to shreds...

Three Big Nails In The CO2 Global Warming Coffin ....

There is no Radiative Greenhouse Effect ...

Retired climate scientist-turned-skeptic says global warming narrative is completely bogus...

Environmentalists are at WAR with life on Earth… total collapse of ecosystem the real goal of “climate” propagandists .....

Environmentalists are at WAR with Life (video)

The Greening of Earth...

Evaluating the Integrity of Official Climate Change Records...

The Deploorable Climate Science Blog ...

25 NASA  Scientists question the Sanity Of Global Warming Alarmists ....

Climate Science and the Myths of Renewable Energy - FOS Steve Goreham


UN IPCC Scientist Blows Whistle on Lies About Climate, Sea Level ....

NASA hides page saying the Sun was the primary climate driver, and clouds and particles are more important than greenhouse gases ...

Nasa exposed in massive new climate data fraud:

 rosehealthandwellbeing  Uncategorized  May 17, 2019

NASA happily reports the Earth is greener
... with more trees than 20 years ago thanks to China and India
In Brief
  • The Facts:
    Thanks to China and India, human-induced 'greening' has increased by 5% across the earth!
  • Reflect On:
    Why are we only getting the 'bad news' stories about the climate all the time? Is it politically convenient? Does it fit narratives? Is it always true? Are we only being told one side? Are we meant to remain in fear?

Science study: Rising CO2 producing “miracle” re-greening effects across the planet as global tree cover rapidly EXPANDS ....

Polar Bear Report ...

Too Hot To Handle: Exposing the Polar Bear Catastrophe Than Never Happened #ClimateChange...

Carbon Tax Unpopularity from France to Washington State ....
Climate Change - Why we should always be skeptical about what the IPCC tell us.

Topher interviews Donna Laframboise, former journalist turned investigative author.  Donna has critiqued the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's claims about itself, its authors and its peer review process, and found them very VERY wanting..
David Attenborough’s BBC show would better have been called “Climate: Change The Facts” .....

Anthony Watts, former weatherman and passionate believer in global warming, now world famous skeptic responsible for the 'surface stations' project which has found serious issues with the global temperature measuring network, and key figure within the 'Climategate' scandal

David Evans, a former modeler for the Australian Greenhouse Office, now prominent skeptic, explains the reasons for his change of mind and regarding climate change and why he's also become so vocal on the issue.

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