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Kids being stolen from National Parks
The Paranormal Review talks about the event of children disappearing in National parks, and what could the cause of it be. Is it bigfoot?

... podcast from October 18, 2013 with David Paulides, who researches strange disappearances in the US and Canada. »

.... podcast from September 22, 2014 with David Paulides, ex US cop who now investigates the world’s unexplained disappearances – a must hear show! »

.... and podcast from September 1, 2015 with ex-Detective David Paulides on his latest intensive research into the mysteries of missing people… »

... podcast from July 27, 2017 with David Paulides – an update on his new movie on people who disappear in mysterious circumstances… »
Good interview David did with Art Bell

And also about experienced hunters going missing too
Three more cases of people going missing in national parks
Up and Vanished
In Just the Last Two Weeks, Dozens of Children in Iowa Have Vanished
Missing people that the parks don't want you to know about -

David Paulides presented some of the most mysterious cases he's encountered, and spoke of some missing people who are never seen again remember. Paulides, a former lawman turned investigative journalist and Bigfoot researcher to discuss more missing person cases from national parks and forests that government agencies seem to be less than interested in seriously investigating .....
David Paulides very strange cases of urban disappearances -

George Knapp welcomed researcher and author David Paulides, who provided an update on his investigation into mysterious disappearances and detailed how his latest research now takes him to urban areas, where he is finding evidence that fits his criteria for this unsettling phenomenon ....
The Black Vault Radio interviews David Paulides -

On Episode #14 of The Black Vault Radio, the founder of the CanAm Missing Project and the author of the Missing 411 line of books, Mr. David Paulides, steps into The Vault.

He explores the tragic and emotional circumstances behind mysterious disappearances of people in the wild. He dives into how the U.S. Government may be neglecting some very important pieces of evidence that may help solve these mysteries. Also news headlines and an update on my "Open Letter" to To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science. I address your letters asking what ever happened with that, since it has been nearly a month? Find out...

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