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Synchronicity, Symbolism and Numerology
All the alternatives to numbers, Biblical Dates and Celestial Ceremonies, which nearly all the differents myths/bibles are saying, many quotes are taken directly from the original Greek, also celestial timings which are also correlated can be gleaned in this book, it is essential reading in conjunction with the Bible, if your going to decipher what is being said.

Free here;

For me, many of the pennies dropped right into place.
(06-23-2018, 05:50 AM)Greg D Wrote: Hi Steve I have presented Bible numerics on several occasions. They were first discovered by a Russian mathematician Ivan Panin. Many of the numbers you have presented have similar meanings.
1 is God, 2 is separation.
3 is the Godhead, also Jesus three days in the tomb, Jonah 3 days in the fish, just to name a couple. 4 is the the world 4 seasons.
5 is grace of God, 5 signs in Mark 16 verses 15 - 20, David chose 5 stones to go up against Goliath who was nine feet tall (a giant).
6 is man under sin created on tje sixth day, 666 is the number of a man in Revelation, Latinus man or the Pope. Who by the way has 18 titles with the numeric value of 666, also by the way 18 is 3 × 6.
7 is the seal of God which is found all through the Hebrew and Greek writings of the Bible.
8 is new beginning there were 8 people on the Ark. Jesus name has a numeric value of 888. 9 is finality the first verse in Genesis reads In the beginning God 999. Created the heavens and the earth 999. Two age old questions answered there in finality.
12 is perfect government, 12 tribes, 12 disciples and jurors.
13 is rebellion the devils name is 13×13×13, so i am not surprised that his influence carries the same numeric value.
40 is testing or trial, 40 days 40 nights for the flood, both Jesus, Moses and Elijah fasted for 40 days, the Israelites we 40 years in the widerness.
153 is the Church or saftey, that is the symbolic number of of fish caught in the disciples net, yet the net was not broken.
The 12 tribes of Israel are not the 'Jews' they are made up of mostly the British, Celtic and Norse people known collectively as Ephraim. The 13th tribe is America or Manasseh who's 13 colonies rebelled against Britain.  Ephraim and Manasseh are the sons of Joseph who were born in Eygpt, they were blessed by their grandfather Jacob.
Genesis Ch 48*17* And when Joseph saw that his father laid his right hand upon the head of Ephraim, it displeased him: and he held up his father's hand, to remove it from Ephraim's head unto Manasseh's head.
*18* And Joseph said unto his father, Not so, my father: for this is the firstborn; put thy right hand upon his head.
*[[Gen 48:19]] KJV* And his father refused, and said, I know it, my son, I know it: he also shall become a people, and he also shall be great (America): but truly his younger brother shall be greater than he, and his seed shall become a multitude of nations (Britain, Scandinavia and the commonwealth).
The Russian and Slavic people are Joseph's brother Esau (which means red and he was a hairy man)
The bear is their symbol and the colour red is on their flag, they are also known as Magog in the Bible. I am just adding this information to the thread, you may find it interesting and you may not. The Golden mean or the Fibonacci sequence shows Gods fingerprints in Creation, also the Great pyramid is built as an astrological and mathematical sign post of his plan.
PS. Gnosticism is Satan's first deception and it permeates all of his deceptions through out history to the present day. Just thought I would stir the pot.
Thank you Greg, for your contribution. All good stuff!
Are we truly living by numbers
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Why Sacred Geometry matters so much
Why sacred geometry matters so much!

Amazon says about The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life by Drunvalo Melchizedek:
Once, all life in the universe knew the Flower of Life as the creation pattern — the geometrical design leading us into and out of physical existence. Then from a very high state of consciousness, we fell into darkness and forgot who we were. For thousands of years, the secret was held in ancient artifacts and carvings around the world and encoded in the cells of all life. Now we are rising up from that sleep, shaking old, stale beliefs from our minds and glimpsing the golden light of this new dawn streaming through the windows of perception. This book is one of those windows .....
Just to sum this up. God the creator. Certainly not natural selection.
Job 38:21-23 Knowest thou it, because thou wast then born? or because the number of thy days is great? Hast thou entered into the treasures of the snow? or hast thou seen the treasures of the hail, Which I have reserved against the time of trouble, against the day of battle and war?
All snowflakes are six sided shapes, and there are none which are alike.
Finger prints identify a persons work, they are in the Golden mean pattern just as the spiral galaxies are.
Job 37:7 He sealeth up the hand of every man; that all men may know his work.
All of this is by design, a designer by the way who is very good a mathematics, and builds things as according to his patterns.
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