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Child Abuse Cover Ups

Teachers Union presidents suspended for alleged child abuse cover up
Roddam Twiss
Four Bishops failed to act over abuse by Synod member
The Hegalian Moment is upon us, so what do we do as an individual, cry appease, stay silent and ignore this seemingly trivail of incidents, or pass on the data in codex that no one else will understand as our Latin Elite once did, who dish out a guilty verdict against the truth of ages; One thing is for sure as our Germany clergyman of times past warned us about, we are all guilty in the eyes of a tyranical system which simply will not stop wheather you act in kind or not; It could be any one of us next.
If the flowers of truth are to be kept in a darkenedd Cella, a room without any windows or any sunlight, they will all die in vain, this is where our original laws were instituted by an entity and without a peoples voice, by those who have no lights of truth nor empathy within them, only bitterness and the truth as their detriment.
If the majority do not react upon this test of their reslove then they have already prepaired to fail and the watchers will be smiling and rejoicing and the next part of the cycle will be put into motion.

More conjecture here
New FBI Files show that the Feds gave Epstein freedom for exchange of Information
Cover Ups and Confessions
Pope Francis and Child Abuse
Californian man pleads "no contest" to rape of five year old girl
He is sentenced to ninety days of house arrest

You wont be surprised to know that he is a wealthy business man
Nathan Larson a Congressional candidate in Virginia admits that he is a paedophile
Child Sex Trafficking Camp in Tucson, tied to Clinton Foundation, Rothschild ands Son of Ex President of Mexico
John Wedger at the ITNJ Commission in April 2018

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