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Probable future False Flag
U.S., France setting the stage for another false flag
... chem attack in Syria to justify more bombing
Keep an eye on what happens in Japan, and which aging fleet hardware can be sacrificed to light the blue/azure, touch paper once again, it will probably be Maritime related once again.

Their actions on foot have truly run out of excuses now, actions on the high seas can be well hidden from the eye.
Prediction of new false-flag gas attack in Syria 
... seems to fit US escalation plans -
(05-16-2018, 09:07 AM)Steve Wrote: Prediction of new false-flag gas attack in Syria 
... seems to fit US escalation plans -

In Trumps latest empirical conjecture it is a predicted certianty, but not exactly when.
Democratic Party is Dead.. False Flags are their last Resort

By Dave Hodges
Israel begs to be Attacked, Threatens to Kill Assad
Syria, Russia warn of potential chemical weapons false flag
... staged by US, terrorists

As Syria prepares to liberate the southwestern portion of the country still held by Western-backed terrorists, the United States is repeatedly threatening “firm and appropriate” responses against the Syrian government, proving yet again that the U.S. is nothing more than al-Qaeda’s air force. However, while most of the world has come to the conclusion that the biggest threat to peace and stability is actually America, not Syria or Iran, the public of the United States and Western Europe continue to somnambulantly absorb the propaganda spewed by their governments and corporate media outlets.

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