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Following on from Richie's show, here is Tony Gosling's Bilderberg website -

Here's a link from Tony Gosling's website to a You Tube video on the subject -

The entire Control System within human reality is founded on deceit. Politicians, bankers, ‘journalists’ and their like are so often professional liars because they are expressions of the Elites deception which is based on lies and distortions of truth. They simply invert everything to suit their own agenda. Journalists too often fail to investigate the validity of the official view – they simply repeat it as fact.

Freemasonry has among its ranks politicians, police, lawyers, judges, doctors, journalists, bankers, business leaders, military top brass, intelligence chiefs and people in every walk of life you need to coordinate decisions and actions to secure the outcome that you want. the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission and the Club of Rome forms a highly effective network of manipulation which comprises a very significant element of the secret government of the world - a government that is far more powerful than any elected authority. 

You will find the membership of these organisations among the elite of global politics and political ‘advisors’, banking, oil companies, multinational corporations, media owners, executives and journalists, the military, the law, and education. They work as organisations within organisations, infiltrating these spheres of influence and secretly promoting the Global Elite agenda. The majority of their colleagues and employees have no idea what is going on or how they are being used. 

As with the Round Table, there are distinct circles of people within these front groups. There is an elite core who work full time for the cause; a circle of members who know the agenda and work within their own organisations to achieve it; and an outer circle of members who are not aware of the real and full implications of the agenda, but are useful to the manipulators in the short term.
What Bilderberg really wants in 2017 -

Bilderberg 2018 Location and Agenda
What's on at Bilderberg? Secretive group meet up in Turin to discuss Russia and rising Populism in the EU
The real rulers of the world are secretly meeting at Bilderberg
... as media hypes Trump-Kim summit

War criminals, politicians, bankers, media controllers, and heads of state will be meeting in secret this week at the Bilderberg Group to discuss policy on how to bend the world to their desires .....
Something Unprecedented is Happening at Bilderberg 2018
Vatican Secretary of State attending elite Bilderberg meeting -

It would be the first time a high-ranking Vatican official has taken part in the Bilderberg Conferences....

Something unprecedented is happening at Bilderberg 2018 -

Aaron Dykes has been covering the Bilderberg meetings for the last 12 years and has researched the many decades of its existence. Never before has there been a convergence quite like this one taking place in Turin, Italy right now.
As Aaron and Melissa discuss, there appear to be 3 distinct areas of discussion this year, but it’s also the other events and meetings taking place at the same time as Bilderberg that might herald something very big in the works......
Bilderberg and the Digital New World Order

Follow  up video by Aaron and Melissa Dykes
Bilderberg and the Round Table network  

The secret societies and groups which form the vast web of interconnected operations are an expanded version of the same network which goes back into antiquity. Some researchers say that the upper hierarchy appears to consist of the Council of 3, the Council of 5, the Council of 7, Council of 9, Council of 13, Council of 33, the Grand Druid Council, the Committee of 300 (also known as the ‘Olympians’), and the Committee of 500. 

Many groups have no name to avoid detection. Perhaps one, maybe two people are sitting at the top of this pyramid, a sort of High Priest and High Priestess of the world. The most important hierarchy to which all others are subordinate is the Satanist hierarchy. If you want to control the game, you have to control all sides and this structure allows that to happen. 

The Brotherhood control the ‘fors’ and the ‘againsts’ in politics, banking, business, the media, and politics. They have agents in all governments and agents in the other political parties ‘opposing’ those governments; they have agents on both sides in wars and political conflicts; in the drug-running cartels and in the anti-drug agencies ‘opposing’ those cartels; within the organised crime syndicates and the police and security agencies ‘investigating’ those syndicates; within terrorist groups and the intelligence agencies ‘investigating’ those groups. 

Just because someone says he stands for freedom and peace does not mean that he does. In fact, if he did he would not need to say it because it would be obvious. The term ‘democratic’ stands for anything but. Look at the number of Democratic Fronts around the world which spend their time imposing a dictatorship. 

One of the major networks is governed from the centre by the Round Table. As can be seen, the Round Table has branches all over the world and in 1920 and 1921 it added the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) to its web. The RIIA itself created its own offshoots. 

The Council on Foreign Relations in New York developed its own subordinate network within the United States which connects the Babylonian Brotherhood with US government departments, Congress, media owners, editors, journalists, the tax-exempt foundations like the Rockfeller Foundation, universities, scientists, ambassadors, military leaders, ‘historians’, bankers, and business people. 

Each major country has such a network which follows the Agenda dictated from the global centres in the City of London, Germany, France, and Switzerland. Not only is it possible to follow the same Agenda across the generations, it is perfectly feasible for the next generation to take over from the last, as can be seen with the Brotherhood and its Agenda. 

In May 1954 came the first official meeting of the next organisation in the Round Table web, the Bilderberg Group (Bil), which was named after the Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek, the Netherlands, where that opening meeting took place - the official story. Bil or Bel was also the Sun God of the Phoenicians. Bilderberg translates as ‘Bel of the rock’ or ‘Bel of the mountain’. The Bilderberg Group was chaired from 1954 to 1976 by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, the former Nazi SS officer and German spy working for the NW7 Intelligence department operating within the unspeakable chemical giant, I. G. Farben, which ran the Auchwitz Concentration Camp. Pope John Paul II is said by some researchers to have worked for I. G. Farben, also. It makes sense because the Brotherhood pick the Popes, of course. Prince Bernhard, a German who married into the Dutch Royal Family, just as William of Orange had done, was a reptilian blood relative and great friend of Britain’s Prince Philip. Together they launched the World Wildlife Fund, now the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF). The last thing they were interested in was protecting wildlife. 

In 1968 came the Club of Rome, headed by the Bilderberger and Freemason, Aurelio Peccei (Comm 300), the number two at Fiat to the Black Nobility Bilderberger, Giovanni Agnelli. Peccei once said to his friend, the former US Secretary of State, Alexander Haig (TC, Knight of Malta), that he felt like Adam Weishaupt reincarnated. Weishaupt was the man behind the Bavarian Illuminati. The Club of Rome, set up at the Rockefeller family’s private estate at Bellagio in Italy, created the environmental movement. 

The Rockefellers and the Rothschilds have played the environmental movement like a violin. The Club of Rome has used the environment to centralise power and confiscate land. It claims to be campaigning to ‘save the planet’ when in truth it is just another front for the Agenda intent on controlling the world and, what’s more, a front peopled by those who are demonstrably creating the very environmental problems they say they wish to stop. 

The same applies to the so-called Club of Budapest which is trying to do with ‘spirituality’ what the Club of Rome has done with the environment. The Club of Budapest was headed by Ervin Laszio, an associate of the Club of Rome’s, Aurelio Peccei. 

Another important Round Table satellite is the Trilateral Commission which was created by the Rockefellers in the United States in 1972 and it has a role in the network of coordinating the Agenda between three parts of the world, the United States, Europe and Japan. These interlocking groups have among their number the top people in global banking, business, media, military, intelligence agencies, education, and politics. 

A look at some of the people who attended the first Bilderberg meeting in 1954 gives further indication of the sort of people we are talking about. The chairman was Prince Bernhard, the husband of Queen Juliana of the Netherlands (Comm 300), who was herself a regular Bilderberg attendee. Queen, Beatrix, another Bilderberg promoter. Other Bilderberg chairmen have included Sir Alex Douglas Hume (Lord Home), one of the Elite Scottish bloodlines and a former British Prime Minister, and another British aristocratic bloodline, Lord Carrington, who became chairman in 1991. Prince Bernhard was head-hunted to be the Bilderberg chairman by Lord Victor Rothschild, the spy, conman of colossal proportions, and one of the major manipulators of the 20th century. Other attendees of that first meeting included: David Rockefeller (CFR,TC); Deak Rusk (CFR, TC, Rhodes Scholar), the head of the Rockefeller Foundation and Secretary of State under John F. Kennedy; Joseph E. Johnson (CFR), head of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (War!) and US Secretary for the Bilderbergers; Denis Healey (TC, RIIA, Comm 300, Fabian Society), the British Labour Party Minister of Defence from 1964–1970 and Chancellor of the Exchequer 1974–1979; and Lord Boothby, who worked with Winston Churchill on the unification of Europe, later known as the European Union.

NATO was a creation of the Brotherhood and is designed to evolve by stealth into a world army by encompassing more and more countries and by manipulating ‘problems’ which give it the opportunities to operate outside its designated area. At least six Secretary-generals of NATO alone have all been Bilderbergers - Joseph Luns, Lord Carrington, Manfred Woener, Willy Claes, Javier Solana and George Robertson. The head of the World Bank, the Rothschild partner, James Wolfensohn, and a stream of his predecessors like Robert Strange McNamara, are Bilderbergers. So are the first two heads of the new World Trade Organisation, a Brotherhood creation which imposes heavy fines on countries who seek to protect their people from the merciless global financial and trading system. 

The first head of the World Trade Organisation was Peter D. Sutherland of Ireland (Bil, TC, Comm 300), the Director of the General Agreement on Tariff and Trade (GATT), Commissioner of the European Community (Union), and chairman of Allied Irish Banks and Goldman Sachs. He later became head of British Petroleum (BP). Sutherland is an Elite clone make no mistake and he was replaced at the WTO by an Italian Bilderberger, Renato Ruggerio. 

Both the World Bank and the World Trade Organisation connect with other global financial agencies like the International Monetary Fund and the G-7/G-8 group to impose their will and policies on developing countries in Africa, South and Central America, and Asia, and to ensure they are controlled by the transnational corporations which answer to the same overall leadership. 

The Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) is another scam designed to dramatically increase the ability of the transnational corporations to destroy a country’s economic base by imposing their will on the government and walking away with the profits while avoiding the tax and business laws the other businesses have to face. 

The central banking network connects into the Round Table-Bilderberg operation. A number of heads of the Bank of England including Sir Gordon Richardson have been Bilderbergers and the same applies to the other central banks like the United States Federal Reserve, the cartel of private banks controlled from Europe which controls the US economy. Alan Greenspan (CFR, TC, Bil) replaced Paul A.Volker (CFR, TC, Bil) at the Federal Reserve. Get the picture? Every few weeks in the United States and Britain, the media speculated on the possible content of statements by Greenspan and the Governor of the Bank of England or the Bundesbank about the state of their countries’ economies. These statements can, and did, send the stock-markets rising and falling on the basis of what these people say. If they put interest rates up or down it can have a spectacular effect on the markets and people’s lives. Who do you think controls these people and the statements they make? Exactly. Studies of investment patterns of the major corporations, banks, and insurance companies, in the period immediately before Bilderberger Greenspan was due to make his financial statements, found that the big players either massively bought up or sold stock or bonds of a specific kind in the three days before Greenspan spoke. And the statement made by Greenspan, on each and every occasion, had a fundamental effect on precisely the stock or bonds the Brotherhood have bought or sold. 

If you want to know what the stock-markets are going to do, watch the buying and selling patterns of the Brotherhood families and corporations who control the markets. Interlocking with ‘gofers’ like Greenspan and major players like the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, are ‘renegade’ financiers such as George Soros (Bil) who simply follow orders. It was Soros who made billions by attacking the British pound in September 1992, costing the people unbelievable amounts of money as the Chancellor of the Exchequer tried to defend the currency. Who was that Chancellor? Norman Lamont… Bilderberg Group. 

Soros did the same to the Swedish currency with the same outcome. Who was the Swedish Prime Minister at the time? Carl Bildt… Bilderberg Group. It was the fear of standing alone caused by that Soros raid which turned a majority of Swedish public opinion to favour entry into the European Union, something most Swedes might now appear to regret. 

The careers of so many politicians have taken off dramatically after they attended Bilderberg meetings. In the 1970s the career of the British Conservative Party politician, Margaret Thatcher, soared when she began to attend Bilderberg meetings and her election to Prime Minister was made certain in 1979 by the explosion of scandals and strikes which brought down the Labour Government. 

A year later Ronald Reagan and George Bush were elected to the White House and they introduced exactly the same extreme economic policies that Margaret Thatcher was doing under the name Thatcherism. It wasn’t Thatcherism at all, it was the Agenda unfolding as interest rates took off to levels that crippled the Third World and made them ripe for the recolonisation programme through financial control. 

Also, the privatisation mania under Thatcher-Reagan-Bush handed over state assets to the Brotherhood transnational corporations at knock-down prices. When Thatcher had outlived her usefulness she was dumped, because everyone is expendable to the cause.

In 1991, a relatively unknown Governor for Arkansas called Bill Clinton was invited by David Rockefeller to the Bilderberg meeting in Baden-Baden, Germany. A year later this man of British (Black Nobility) royal blood was President of the United States. 

In 1993, a British Labour Party Home Affairs spokesman called Tony Blair was invited to the Bilderberg meeting at Vouliagment, Greece, and a year later after the sudden and unexpected death of the Labour leader, John Smith, it was Blair who took over. From the moment that happened, a series of scandals and conflicts destroyed the credibility of the ruling Conservative Government of John Major making it certain that Blair would become Prime Minister in a landslide victory in 1997. 

Blair was elected as Prime Minister on May 1st, Election Day. Going back to ancient times, this particular day was a very important to the Babylonian Brotherhood. Examples of this are the May Day fertility rituals and the May 1st celebrations in the Brotherhood-created Soviet Union. The Bavarian Illuminati was officially formed on May 1st 1776. Tony Blair was such an important frontman for the Brotherhood that It was no surprise that it would bring him to power on May 1st. 

In Britain, at the time they did not have fixed term governments, and the Prime Minister can call the election any time within five years of coming to power and so he/she is the one who officially announces the date. What did John Major do? Under instruction from the Tribe, he called the 1997 General Election for May 1st and Tony Blair, a big-time Brotherhood chosen one, was elected Prime Minister on that day. 

From the moment he came to power, Blair and his Bilderberger Chancellor, Gordon Brown, began to introduce the Brotherhood Agenda for the Millennium years in Britain and Europe. This included conceding the government’s power to set interest rates to the Bank of England, a move which happened within days of the election. The economic policies followed by Bilderberger Brown were no different in fundamentals to those of the previous Conservative Chancellor, Kenneth Clarke, whom Brown replaced. 

This is not surprising because Clarke is also a Bilderberger and attended the meeting with Tony Blair in Greece and again at Turnberry, Scotland, in May 1998. Brotherhood Labour yes-man replaces Brotherhood Conservative yes-man as the official head of the nation’s finances and the only thing that changes is the name on the door. 

Britain, like America and virtually every other country in the world, is a one-party-state while the public go on thinking they are free because they have the right to put a cross on a piece of paper every five years and choose the next Brotherhood puppet to run their country. In the United States, staggeringly, they vote electronically and this makes it so easy to rig. Tony Blair became an immediate bosom-buddy of Bill Clinton (CFR, TC, Bil) and they spoke with one (Brotherhood) voice. 

Blair’s ‘minder’ in the Labour Government was Peter Mandelson (Bil, RIIA), nicknamed the Prince of Darkness. He is one of the most important Brotherhood link-men within the British Labour Party and continues to be so despite his resignations. Incidentally, it was when Peter Mandelson took charge of the Labour Party’s image-making in the 1980s that they changed their party symbol from the red flag to the classic Brotherhood symbol over the ages… the red rose. 

Chancellor Kohl of Germany was a Bilderberger and so were his predecessors, Brandt and Schmidt. Many prime ministers and leading politicians in the Netherlands, including Ruud Lubbers, are Bilderbergers and it’s the same throughout Europe with people such as Carl Bildt and the assassinated Olof Palme (Sweden), Uffe Ellemann-Jenson and Ritt Bjergegaard (Denmark). 

Jacques Santer, former head of the European Commission, is a Bilderberger. He was the most important public voice in the European Union and he ran his centralised dictatorship with the stunning arrogance that Brotherhood initiates find so easy to manifest. His successor followed the same pattern of Brotherhood clone. European royalty is represented at Bilderberg meetings by the Dutch, Swedish, Spanish and British royal families, or in truth: family. Lord Mountbatten, Prince Philip, and Prince Charles have attended Bilderberg meetings.

Peter Mandelson MP was a police suspect in Operation Ore.

For whatever reason, Rupert Murdorch decided to publicise this fact in The News of the World rather than help cover it up, as we would have expected Murdoch to do.

We can assume that Rupert Murdoch authorised the naming of Mandelson MP by the News of the World in this instance because either:

(a) Murdoch wanted to protect Mandelson MP, which is why the reporter added a ludicrous spin to the report that there was a "police mix up" between Peter Mandelson MP and a different Peter Mandelson from Wales. Rumours were flying about Mandelson MP being a paedophile anyway, so Murdoch's newspaper concoted a fanciful "explanation" about a mix-up;


(b) Murdoch was having a little fun with Mandy -- taunting him with a "half" exposure to make the Prince of Darkness squirm and stay in line. Mandelson MP may have previously done something to peeve Murdoch or Murdoch's bosses in some way, so someone ordered Mandy to be "brought down a peg or two" in The News of the World without being totally exposed as a paedophile.

In either case, the suggestion that police confused a SERVING CABINET MINISTER with a WELSH STUDENT simply "because they share the same name" tests the reader's credulity to breaking point!


In January 2003, several UK newspapers reported that "two former Labour ministers" were on a list of 7,272 Operation Ore suspects that had been leaked to News International title the Sunday Times.

None of the papers named the two former ministers, but on 2nd February 2003, the News of the World (another News International title) reported that Peter Mandelson had been one of the names on the list, but the article went on to clear Mr Mandelson’s name – "There is no suggestion that the real Peter Mandelson is involved".

The Corfu controversy: How the world really works

A saga of high finance, high living and the high seas, featuring Peter and George, Nat and Oleg, Rupert and Matthew and a cast of many, many more. Jane Merrick and Brian Brady investigate
Confirmed: secretive Bilderberg meeting to be held in Switzerland from May 30th -

The 2019 edition of the exclusive Bilderberg Meeting will take place at the Hotel Montreux Palace in the Swiss town of Montreux from Thursday to Sunday....

Topics up for discussion this year include climate change and sustainability, Brexit, China, Russia, the future of capitalism and the weaponization of social media’

Bilderberg Meeting 2019 - from May 30 in Switzerland

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