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Crop Circles
A detailed interview with Andy about crop circles

The Italian alternative magazine FENIX recently published a long (translated) interview with Andy Thomas about the current state of the crop circle phenomenon. In conversation with its editor, UFO investigator Adriano Forgione, Andy challenges the view that the circle mystery is no longer relevant and addresses some false assumptions, while raising many fascinating under-discussed areas. With the latest crop circle season having just begun, FENIX has given its permission for the interview (conducted in 2017) to be published here in full and in English, with a few additional edits....

Podcast from October 15, 2015, direct from Wiltshire, UK – with veteran Researcher Charles R Mallett… »
Two new Crop Circles reported May 2018 in Wiltshire and Dorset

Crop Circle Resource Centre Looted and Ransacked
Crop circle: White Way, Nr Baunton, Gloucestershire.
Reported 2nd June ...

Crop circle misunderstandings

There are many misunderstandings when it comes to the topic of Crop Circles.
Crop circle: Ackling Dyke, near Sixpenny Handley, Dorset 4th June....
Different theory on who is creating crop circles
Crop circle: Keysley Down, near Chicklade, Wiltshire -
Sarraltroff: near Goerlingen, Moselle, France -
Crop circle: Winterbourne Stoke Down, Stonehenge, Wiltshire -
Crop circle: Devil's Den, near Clatford, Wiltshire -
Crop circle: Hackpen Hill near Broad Hinton, Wiltshire -

Crop cirlce: Yarnbury Castle, near Steeple Langford, Wiltshire -

Yarnbury Castle, Nr Steeple Langford, Wiltshire. Reported 24th June.

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