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Niburu Planet X

Any thoughts?
(06-05-2018, 08:10 PM)Steve Wrote: Best EVER NIBURI PLANET X UPDATE 2018

Any thoughts?

There are so many videos of "2 suns" and very strange sunrises now from all over the world.
There is definitely something unusual going on yet our MSM remain silent
I have read a lot on Niburu or Planet X although Sadly I  have not seen anything myself but there is a lot of compelling evidence that something is out there and our own weather patterns, tidal movements and seismic activity is acting very strange.
Two suns rise in Canada

Is NASA hiding our Second Sun?

Two suns in Brazil March 2018

Two suns over London Feb 2018
Planet X clips from three different continents
Second Sun or Planet X in Hollywood Movies plus other footage
Mike Bara talks at Contact in the Desert Conference about Mars, Niburu, planet X and NASA

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