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Smart Technology
Police Cam Share programmes in disguise
Why limit your kids’ screen time?

Mobile devices are on track to destroy the eyesight of an entire generation, scientists warn -
Culling the Population by David Icke
Is your Fitness Tracker making you sick?
Fleeced by the Insurance Spies

Insurance Companies are plundering your Data to work out the Maximum they can charge you for your Renewal
Surgeon reveals why texting causes so much neck stress

Texting can create so much neck stress, it’s like carrying four adult-size bowling balls on the cervical spine, reveals a reportpublished in Surgical Technology International. Written by a spine surgeon, the study shows that tilting your head forward makes the head seem much heavier than it really is. This can have lasting degenerative effects on the neck....
Smart Pill sensor detects life threatening stomach conditions
Colorado set to become the First  in the US to use Smart Pavement
UK homes subject to a staggering level of Corporate Surveillance
Unsafe Technology Use displayed in TV and Film Marketing Campaigns

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