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Smart Technology
Health apps are BAD for your privacy: 80% or more share your data, research reveals
Doctor, doctor, I feel like my IoT-enabled vacuum cleaner is spying on me
The Health Risks associated with Smart Technology (videos)
Film addressing the adverse effects of technology on children  .....
Smartphone addiction related to sugar, narcotics, alcohol, pornography, gambling addictions -
Breaking smart phone addiction: raising serotonin in the brain -

During active small screen addiction, there is a constant sense of being drawn to the devices and to use certain apps with the hope of gaining fulfillment, satisfaction, and pleasure. In other words, there are cravings that compel people to do certain things with their smartphones and tablets in the hope of getting a dopamine release and feeling good .....
Strategies to break small-screen addiction -

If you are among the approximately 50% of adults and teens [1, 2] who feel addicted to smartphones or tablets, then this article about small screen addiction will be a valuable resource to you.

If you are a parent who is concerned about the small screen habits of your young children or teen, then you will find helpful information here as well .....

Your smartphone obsession may be making your dog sad -

Expert warns pets are struggling to compete with devices for their owner's attention
Human relationships aren’t the only ones that suffer when you spend too much time on your phone .....
Boy dies after falling asleep while wearing headphones

It is estimated that 95% of American teens today have access to a smartphone, a clear reflection of our technology-dependent society. However, we must ask ourselves, are we fully aware of the risks associated with the technology in our own homes?

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