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US Military Presence Abroad
Poland wants to pay US $2 billion for a permanent military base ....
US warns about attacking its troops after Assad said that they will leave
"one way or another"
Syrian tribes announce resistance force to join Assad to rid Syria of foreign troops
Senate Hearing on proposed new AUMF
Authorisation of Use of Military Force
China decries US military presence in South China Sea -
"Bejing will not yield to Washington's real provocations," China's state newspaper said in an editorial.

China has demanded that the United States stop making provocations and sensationalizing China's supposed “militarization” of the South China Sea, saying that continuing to do so could bring serious consequences....
US Media openly calls for a Coup in Venezuela
Pentagon admits ion one will ever know how many civilians have been killed fighting ISIS
The Havana Whodunit?

What nation built the unprecedented spy radar base in Cuba?

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