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We're Only Human Or Are We?
We're only human or are we? What is humanity? Society? Does anyone really care?
Following our many winding paths from birth to death the We're Only Human Videodocdrama, chronicles our fate as we, seemingly oblivious, manically distract ourselves from our inevitable realisation that we are all enslaved.
Maybe if you can get through all three plus one episodes a spark may awaken. Waking up to reality is a painful experience, maybe you prefer to remain hooked up. If you prefer the blue pill to the red, best check out the latest football match or celebrity chef show. With knowledge comes great actually do something.
I would like to thank all the content providers who I copied stuff from, especially James of The Corbett Report for his excellent insights and to all the humans portrayed.
Live a long, healthy, prosperous and free life...if you can!

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