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The Paranormal
The History of Paranormal Investigation

Chronology of the paranormal -

This chronology includes the most notable events relevant to paranormal research, starting from early history to present day. It aims to give a chronological timeline for anyone interested in the subject, and to provide information to help reach a general view of the various claims about the paranormal .....

Doreen Valiente: the fascinating story of the mother of modern witchcraft -

Doreen Valiente, the mother of modern witchcraft, was nine-years-old when she had what she called an indescribably mystical experience, and saw the veil of reality tremble .....

Top tips for traveling with paranormal investigation equipment -

With many of us traveling further and further to check out locations that have reports of paranormal activity, some of us are starting to travel by aeroplane more than others ....
Podcast from April 20, 2017 with Paul Adams, who has spent years researching Harry Price – the UK’s most famous paranormal investigator… »
Looking For A Demonologist; Concerning Information, Experience, & Help -

For those people out there who truly suspect a location is demonically infested, an individual (or family) is cursed, or someone is being oppressed or possessed by malicious or diabolical forces .....

What is a ghost?

What exactly is a ghost? Is it the spirit of a person that once lived, is it a shift in time or even an alternative dimension? What if a ghost is really just us? Maybe its psychology or our body reacting to the environment around us. Here are some of the theories as to what a ghost actually is. What are your thoughts? What do you think a ghost is?

Communicating with those who have crossed over -

Communicating with the Dead Through a Psychic Medium 
Deceased spirits are energy, so they can connect with us if they are around.
Podcast from August 26, 2012, with London-based researcher, healer and psychotherapist Sue Allen about psychic attacks – and how to beat them!
Don't accept everything at face value - Question everything!

Quite often things relating to the paranormal are spoken with such confidence they can be interpreted as fact. 
Remember nothing is 'proven' in the paranormal. Step back and ask the questions: Why am I doing things this way? What is it I am trying to achieve? How can I do better?
The connection of alien contact and sudden psychic ability -

Many close contact extraterrestrial encounters feature psychic episodes. Many alien abductees, for example, speak of sudden visions of the future, telepathic ability, and a temporary understanding of the universe. While these incidents are usually short-lived and happen only during their respective encounters, some experiences appear to leave a lasting legacy of sudden psychic or mystical ability on the abductee....
I find it a bit of a double standard when science seems to be compelled to have to prove the paranormal, scientifically. When their claims about how the universe got here, its age and how life got here on earth, are taught as fact, in our schools and universities, without any proof.
*[[Heb 11:3]] KJV* Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.
In other words what we see around us, didn't make what we see around us. We were created by forces we can't see.
We need faith not science to reach into that realm.
*[[Heb 11:6]] KJV* But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.
This verse is proven to me every day. I am not talking about ghost stories but Holy Ghost stories.
I want to believe -

We are all investigating the paranormal because we want to find answers. The question is however, are our belief systems influencing our investigations? Does religion, belief and skepticism influence the way we investigate the paranormal?
Going beyond the five physical senses: the bridge to universal consciousness -

What unlocking your 7th sense could mean for you: ....
'Haunted' swing caught on film?

Ghosts cause restaurant to close -

Man says girlfriend left him after he was stalked by 7ft ghost -

GUTTED Ed Brooker says his life has been wrecked by the 7ft ghost of a circus ringmaster .....

Ominous ghost spotted on pier?

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