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  1. Brexit - Remoaners Launch New Million Pound Campaign To Keep The UK In The EU. (1 Reply)
  2. Nearly Two-Thirds Of Child Refugees Found To Be Adults New Report Shows (1 Reply)
  3. Neocon-Zionist Puppet Donald Trump Is Pushing The World To The Brink Of WWIII (0 Replies)
  4. Front Pages Of UK Sunday Newspapers - Sunday View LIVE At 11 AM UK Time (0 Replies)
  5. Corbyn Meets The Jews - The WRONG Jews Though! (2 Replies)
  6. German Police Suggest Removing Children From Antisemitic Parents. (3 Replies)
  7. Greville Janner Was A Filthy Child Abuser No Matter What His Family Says. (1 Reply)
  8. Sunday Newspaper Front Pages - Easter Sunday View LIVE At 11 AM UK Time. (0 Replies)
  9. Corbyn Capitulates To UK's Zionist Lobby In Major Blow To Free Speech (6 Replies)
  10. Children Who Need To Use The Toilet Are Humiliated In West Midlands School (0 Replies)
  11. RIP Brexit - June 23rd 2016 - March 19th 2018. It Was Nice Knowing You. (4 Replies)
  12. Jewish Leader Tells BBC: "Wherever They Go, Jews Are Told Rothschilds Run The World!" (4 Replies)
  13. Safe Spaces Study Finds That Free Speech Is Inhibited At UK Universities (1 Reply)
  14. Navratilova V McEnroe Gender Pay Gap Shock....Or Mac's Just A Better Broadcaster? (4 Replies)
  15. Sunday's National Newspaper Front Pages - Sunday View Is LIVE At 11 AM BST (0 Replies)
  16. Facebook Users Who Whine About Data Breaches Are Monumental Muppets. (4 Replies)
  17. Sarkozy Murdered Muammar Gaddafi Over €50 Million Debt. (1 Reply)
  18. Nearly 500 Sex Offenders "Missing" In UK - Survivors Terrified. (2 Replies)
  19. The Thought Police Are Knocking On Doors & Warning People About Their FaceBook Posts! (11 Replies)
  20. YouTube Has Informed Me That It Will Soon Delete The Richie Allen Show Channel. (70 Replies)
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