Full Version: Biometrics, Scanners and Drones
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Engineered terrorist attacks, systematically-promoted fear of terrorist attacks, and fury generated among those whose countries are devastated by the Elite/psychopaths all provide calculated excuses to take away basic freedoms to ‘protect the public from terrorists’ and advance the police state. 

This is happening on a mega and quickening scale as new technologies are constantly introduced to face-scan, eye-scan, finger-scan, everything-scan, and record every communication through email, social media, smartphones and cameras in Smart TVs (the Telescreens envisaged by Orwell in 1984). 

Technology is now developed that can read your fingerprints from metres away and the range for such detailed identification is bound to get longer and longer. They represent only a very partial list of technology that forms a global web of individual and mass surveillance through ‘hyperconnectivity’.

Schools and children are being particularly targeted for cameras and other forms of technology to condition people from a young age to believe that 24/7 surveillance is ‘normal’. 

We now have surveillance drones and socalled ‘Intellistreets’ where your conversations can be recorded by street lamps and your movements tracked. 

Boeing has secured a patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office for an autonomous drone system that can be recharged in the air and never has to land. One report described the plan as ‘reminiscent of something straight out of the Matrix movies’ and likened the potential to the ‘Sentinels’ seeking out those who operated outside of the Matrix....

A future with pre-programmed automated flying drones which never need to land except for maintenance could result in a dystopian reality for humanity if manipulated by the military industrial complex [it’s planned to be]. The use of swarm algorithms in relation to autonomous drone fleets, when taken in concert with substantial advances in AI capabilities, has the potential to make the unimaginable a reality.

While the creation of a more efficient means of charging a fleet of drones seems on the surface a simple way to streamline the technology, the long-term implications for privacy and civil liberties could be devastating. Add to the list of concerns the arming of domestic drones and you have a recipe for disaster. Do we as a society really trust a swarm of autonomous drones, potentially armed, which in theory could almost never need to leave the sky?

DARPA, the Pentagon’s Archontic research and development agency, has announced the introduction of the world’s most powerful surveillance technology so far with 1.8 gigapixels that can pick out details as small as six inches from a height of 20,000 feet and observe an area at any one time of ten square miles or 25 square kilometres.

It is called ARGUS-IS or Wide Area Persistent Stare. Two drones equipped with ARGUS could maintain surveillance 24 hours a day on an area as big as Manhattan. The US Government has announced that drone patrols are to begin in the sky over America and the latest sinister and gradual creep is to arm many with rubber bullets and tear gas on the road to the military mass-kill technology that is exterminating streams of innocent people in countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, the list just goes on expanding.

Private defence (attack) contractors are spending millions to bribe Congress into opening up airspace for drone flights. Documents released under the Freedom of Information Act confirmed that drones are to be used for the mass surveillance of American people and this will add to the dangers faced by other aircraft in the crowded skies of North America. Many drones have also crashed around the world.

The Air Transportation Modernization and Safety Improvement Act was passed on Capitol Hill in 2012 which authorises the deployment of 30,000 spy drones over the US. Police departments said in the documents that the drones can carry infrared and zoom-cameras for low light ‘dusk-dawn’ video. Some drone cameras can ‘recognize and track individuals based on attributes such as height, age, gender and skin color’.

Government documents obtained by the Electronic Privacy Information Center revealed that the Predator B drone fleet have been fitted with technology to track cell phone signals and identify people carrying guns legally and illegally.

None of this is about ‘fighting terrorism’ but rather about enslaving the population. The first known arrest resulting from drone surveillance was a North Dakota farmer accused of not returning six cows that wandered onto his land. The Environmental Protection (farmer and grower destroyer) Agency (EPA) is using drones to spy on farmers and when challenged a spokesman said: ‘Courts, including the Supreme Court (all Elite-controlled], have found similar types of flights to be legal (for example to take aerial photographs of a chemical manufacturing facility) and EPA would use such flights in appropriate instances to protect people and the environment from violations of the Clean Water Act.’

More accurately, people need urgently protecting from the violation and abomination that is the EPA. Brookings Institution senior fellow Peter Singer said that drones are not only picking up specific information at a scene, but the scene in general.

‘Basically it’s recording footage from a lot of different people and that it didn’t have their approval to record footage’, he said.

The California city of Lancaster, under Mayor Rex Parris, got into the spirit with a Cessna plane flying to and fro with a camera constantly delivering pictures to the ground and able to zoom-in on anyone walking in the street from three miles away. Lancaster claims that it is struggling for money yet spends $ 1.3 million a year on this. Money is never an object when it comes to the Elite’s agenda.

The Federal Aviation Administration estimates that the 30,000 drones of all sizes will be flying over America by 2032 operated by law enforcement, military, corporations and public ‘safety’ agencies. Putting this into context, compare it to the number of terrorist attacks that are not staged (which leaves next to none) against the alleged need to have 30,000 surveillance and kill drones in the skies over America along with the already fantastic array of security checkpoints, data collection and cameras. 

It makes no sense whatsoever unless you can see the obvious fact that this is a network designed for mass human subjugation. The ‘terrorists’ and criminals are not the target. Those in their gunsights are the general population. There is even drone technology in development at the University of Pennsylvania with the potential to snatch humans off the street from the air as an eagle swoops for a fish. There are already more than 60 drone command centres in America with more to follow, and a report by the Congressional Research Service that has warned that drones could end privacy in the United States.

Britain has spent £ 2 billion buying and developing drones for several years and British military personnel have been involved in guiding US drone strikes in Afghanistan and elsewhere with an American drone operation being set up at the RAF Waddington airbase in Lincolnshire to coordinate drone attacks in the Middle East and Africa. The US-operated RAF Croughton in Northamptonshire is also involved.

Britain’s former ‘police minister’, Damien Green, idiotically said that flying drones in British skies that can spy on the population should be treated like ‘any other piece of police kit’. Chris Cole, the founder of the Drone Wars UK campaign, said: ‘At a time of tough spending cuts, it cannot be right that the UK is pouring billions of pounds into developing new drones without proper parliamentary scrutiny or debate of the serious legal and ethical issues surrounding the use of this technology.’

But as it’s the Elite’s agenda, the cost is never an issue. The US Navy is now also developing submarine drones and in the pipeline are drones that can make their own decisions on where to go and how to respond. Mark Maybury, chief scientist for the US Air Force, said of future drones: ‘Before they were blind, deaf and dumb –now we’re beginning to make them see, hear and sense.’ Drones are even being promoted to the public as good for jobs and the economy - anything to hide the reason for their very existence which is human control. 

Drone surveillance does not only take the form of large aircraft. Some weapon-carrying drones in development for the US military weigh five pounds or less. British police have introduced radio-controlled flying surveillance cameras, and the Pentagon has admitted that it has developed bug-sized surveillance technology known as the ‘microaviary’.

This is surveillance and assassination technology disguised as flying insects or birds. People have already reported seeing robotic-like dragonflies at political events in Washington and New York, including anti-war rallies. Washington lawyer Bernard Crane said: ‘I’d never seen anything like it in my life. They were large for dragonflies. I thought, “Is that mechanical, or is that alive?”’ These mad people are even adding microchips to live flying insects.
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On 4th October, a ground-breaking book on the UK’s use of armed drones will be published by John Blake Ltd. ‘Reaper Force: The Inside Story of Britain’s Drone Wars‘ is the result of conversations that have taken place over several years between Dr Peter Lee of Portsmouth University and RAF Reaper crews and their partners at Creech AFB in Nevada and RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire. A week before publication, Drone Wars sat down with Peter to chat about the new book.....