Full Version: Richies latest shows and comments
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I have started this thread in responce to Richies latest plead whith the masses to get them to see how we have been cocooned in our homes and away from interactions with each other on a scale that was societal mingling and creating a world we want to see.

My responce to your yt video was this,

The very subject you have just talked about is to get people to be individuals, on their own trapped in their homes as we see, is the very situation we see in the film 1984, today the neighbours fences are too high to talk with each other over their fences and gateways like they used to, In this position they are lost sheep and the "Little Bo Peep" is to be the government who will come and find them and make them reply every day, in house asbos is what we are becomming.
The bottleneck is the internet itself, which will slowly but surely be corked until there in no peoples voice nor choices left, put your own physical energy into creating something instead of complaining which aquires zero for the energy spent and wasted.
What could be done is the recreaction of a series of public clubs like there used to be, air rifle clubs, leek and potato clubs, archery clubs and new skills clubs, all by and for the people, sitting in a tiny cell talking about what the government is going to do is one of our greatest achilles heels and exactly where they want us to be, on our own out of sight.

Take a peek into another world, see how many people are looking for something new to do with their spare time, this is one man doing things for himself, not for profit, but for making savings, and sharings new skills, you could do worse and carry on talking and viewing but doing nothing else,

If more people could share their skills and knowledge then we could become more independant and then show others, because there comes a time when talking is not enough and we must begin re-skilling and creating our own free worlds.

Call it a peoples creative laboratory.