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What CBD oil could do for the health of your pets -

In Brief
  • The Facts:
    Several studies have shown multiple health benefits from administering CBD oil to animals.
  • Reflect On:
    Why has this kind of treatment been illegal for so long? Why are the same resources not poured into this medicine as there is the medicine that comes from the big corporations? Is this really about health, or is it about money?

Pet vaccines are costly, toxic and dangerous -

Could it be that most of your pet’s health problems are due to vaccines? Let’s examine the consequences of over-vaccinating your pet, and the pragmatics of this type of healthcare as it affects the pet and your bank account in ways you never imagined possible...
How old is my pet in dog years or cat years? A veterinarian explain -

 “Just how old do you think my dog is in dog years?”
The first time I hear that CBD oil can be given to dogs.
Yes it's true. There is nothing surprising. The product CBD is created exclusively on a natural basis, namely, hemp oil. Because of this, he is not likely to cause allergies or complications even in dogs. Here, check Based on the description you can not worry about it.
We give CBD to our dogs but I'm as inconsistent as I am with myself so really need to work on that.

Even mainstream vets know that annual vaccines are a scam, we have just decided to stop vaccinating our older dog and only vaccinate the other because he's an arsehole no family member will look after so we have to put him in kennels when we go away, and the kennels won't accept an unvaccinated dog. We just started seeing a holistic dog behaviourist/physiotherapist based in Ramsbottom, Bury - she's very good, totally anti-vet but making really positive differences to our dogs. She recommended probiotics as well, just started them on the older dog so can't say yet if they've made any difference.
May be I should give my dog some canabis