Full Version: The US, Britain and NATO Alliance
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The US/ Britain/ NATO alliance is working to destabilise the Russian-controlled countries of the Caucasus using agents, informants and the very Islamic fanatics that it condemns elsewhere when it suits them. The US and British governments say they must fight Islamic extremism in Afghanistan and elsewhere while arming, funding and training the very same people in Syria, the Caucasus, Libya and other parts of Africa. 

Those involved are too stupid and mindless to see how they are being manipulated to a common end which includes their own destruction. The aim is to have these fools look to US-controlled Saudi Arabia and Qatar for their leadership and guidance, the very two Islamic states at the forefront of supporting the US-controlled Islamic mercenaries in Libya and Syria with money and arms. 

Many in Libya have realised that Qatar is just a puppet of the US and effigies of its Emir have been burned in Tripoli along with the Qatari flag since the 'fake ‘revolution'.
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