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Hope you recover fast. All the best.
Rise Again. Richie Allen!

Wishing you a quick and full recovery.
Mate its not my place to tell you what to do but do you think you should reduce your workload ?  

I would ease up a bit or change the nature of the shows so you don't have to research so hard. I honestly think you could do a phone in every week for  example . You set yourself very high standards   I think the show would be fine with just one or two Major guests a week.  You've how plenty of regulars who you don't have to research   
And you run your mouth something impressive when you go off on one lol! I think you work too hard . Too think you pack in TWO guests per show regularly - and they're always interviews that could easily run for over an hour if you didn't have a second guest. 

Anyway . Just honestly think what would feel COMFORTABLE for you 

Maybe do a show SUNDAY  TUESDAY / THURSDAY or summin

2nd - I had appalling insomnia for years 

I suspect I. Your case - like mine - it goes back to childhood abuse .
The turning point for me was hypnotherapy 

Just saying 

It wasn't anot instant  miracle cure

But it started me on the road 

It's emotionally draining though. It takes about ten weeks and costs a bit. About £500 over 5 week's. You'd have to ask us all to throw in but I think we would mate 

And it doesn't cure you right away . But you revisit your trauma and - yeah its fucking horrible . 
But it's a big - it's pulling down the "wall" inside you

I also had great results using the "Law of attraction" thought affirmation discipline. 

I made this affirmation when I went to bed  - 'I am so happy and grateful i sleep fitfully and peacefully". 

I still use a trusted sleep CD which us ESSENTIAL - I have it on my phone (ear phones if I'm.I'm.not sleeping alone) and in a CD player next to my bed 

Lastly - you're gonna think I'm mad. Hot water bottles 


Nerve endings at the vendor of the feet seem to react very well to Warmth

A hot water bottle wrapped in a Blanket or towel in my bed - sleep CD -and affirmations if I wake up - keeps me sleeping 

BUT before I got to this point I had to give up

I had to just SURRENDER 

I went through a phase where I could not sleep

And in the end - even though caffeine is the last thing you need - I would get up - because I REALLY LOVE my Tea - and I would lovingly and patiently carefully  make myself a really nice cup.of tea and I would do something nice. Thus was causing tough time when I looked after my mother - but if the Mountain would not come to muhammad, I was gonna make the best of the situation - and show myself some appreciation. It's not easy 


Good luck to you Ritchie....

Chill out and enjoy your rest.
Sorry to hear about this Richie. Wishing you a full recovery and complete wellness. You are missed.
You know 
Richie Man
You can come back however you wanna do it
You could start off with.,less shows 
Or less LIVE shows
You could pre-record shows
You could have us submit questions ahead of the recording - at least just for a while
I know there's no telling you anything Richie
But you had a tough,start to life and about now is when things tend to catch up with you
Just saying
You can do it however you want
Just do one live show a week and pre record some others 
Do less shows
So phone ins 
Do phone ins that are pre recorded even lol!
Just let people kno when you're talking.
OK maybe,that's mad
But the point is
You can control it
If I were you
Knowing what I know about myself 
I'd make life a lot easier for myself between now and next January
Just a version of it when you're there will do just fine mate
I'm just worried
You're a fit strong guy 
Men like you fool collapse without being pushed too far
So just take care mate
It wasn't a heart attack
It wasn't a stroke 
But your worn out Bro  and it's no  joke
I heard to learn a whole different way of being
Hope it's not that bad for you
But Find Your Level
And find you're truth
First off, get better soon mate, we miss ya! Your show keeps me sane and gives me hope that people are waking up. I know you're not a conspiratorial type, you work on facts, but don't you think its highly suspicious you collapsed after the Kappy interview? With all you know about directed energy weapons, you know it would be easy to do to send you a warning. Just throwing it out there, just keep safe and know we are all behind you Richie.
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