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Here’s a fascinating podcast about real-life amazing stories of life, death and miracles that medics sometimes don't tell...
Have you heard Eben Alexander’s testimony?! Amazing! And Anita Moorjani!
(02-12-2018, 09:28 AM)Charlotte4711 Wrote: [ -> ]Have you heard Eben Alexander’s testimony?! Amazing! And Anita Moorjani!

Will have to look up these cases, thanks. I do find many of these stories comforting in that when we pass, it’s not the end. As in the laws of physics, energy cannot be destroyed. It just takes another form!
Dr Eben Alexander is an anaesthetist I think and his experience was of ‘the other side’ but it had a religious undertone to it or that’s how he interpreted it, whereas Anita was just an ordinary woman who got cancer (stage 4) riddled with massive orange sized tumours & she was admitted to ICU to pass away but she passed over & had an experience in which she got a ‘biological upgrade’ or ‘reset’ & came back only to suddenly go into spontaneous remission and could tell everyone all about what she saw & heard! (Including being everywhere simultaneously) incredible story!
Scientists discussions on life after death experiences

Elizabeth Kübler-Ross

Dr. Kübler-Ross († 78) was a renowned physician who garnered multiple awards during her research career, reaching 23 honorary doctorates. But although she established the Kübler-Ross model on the five phases of mourning before death (denial, anger, negotiation, depression, and acceptance), she is also known to have gathered the testimonies of different people who had suffered a clinical death experience and who then they had returned to the world of the living. To analyze her testimonies she took into account factors such as age, race, and religion, never staying in any specific geographic region. 

Schwartz case

The first case that caught the attention of the researcher was that of a woman whose last name was Schwartz. During a period of 45 minutes, her body entered into what is known as clinical death, which is the absence of cardiac or respiratory signal. At that moment she experienced how she "slipped from her physical body" and began to see everything in the third person. Her body seemed stretched and horrible, while she was seeing how doctors were practicing cardiac resuscitation.

She tried to transmit calmness to the doctors because she was perfectly well, but none of those present seemed to have the proof of her presence. She could contemplate the order of arrival, being able not only to hear them but also to see their thoughts. At the end of that time, she again had a body record and was able to return to life. Once all this happened, she contacted Dr. Kübler-Ross and told her about her personal experience. Only a year and a half after that she died, this time without any return. Although the case was surprising, it was not the only one. 

A 12 year old girl

Another case was that experienced by a girl of only 12 years old when suffering an injury was in the same situation of clinical death. During this period she said she was hugging her brother, who calmed her affectionately by telling her that everything was going to be alright. When she awoke from the trance, she spoke with her father and told him about her experience and asked him who that person was, since she was an only child. The father, between sobs, revealed to her for the first time that she had a brother who died a few months before she was born.

Run over man

The following story was that of a man who suffered a terrible experience when he lost his wife, his in-laws and his 8 children in an accident when they crashed into a truck loaded with fuel that charred them. From this experience began a period of depression in which he only sought to isolate himself from the world, leaving work and all his possessions. Due to this, he began to abuse illegal substances to forget everything. Finally, he began to wander like a beggar, sleeping in the middle of the streets and causing him to have a serious accident that brought him to his death. Thanks to this moment his life changed completely. 

A vehicle that did not see him lying down hit him by accident. At the moment when his body went into a clinical death, the man noticed how he could float and escape until his family appeared in perfect condition, looking happily for having met again. It was at that moment when he decided that it was not the time to leave, so he returned to where his body was badly injured. He watched as the members of the ambulance took him into the vehicle while they tried to revive him. From then on, he promised himself not to consider leaving the world without telling his own experience.

An element that remained in common in all cases reported by the scientist were the testimonies of several people who had some kind of problem that was corrected in the afterlife, such as a girl with sclerosis who said she could dance thanks to not having that problem once she went into clinical death. Several people who were receiving chemotherapy and who had lost their hair reported returning to enjoy long hair at those times, even with curls. Science faces possible dilemmas about the authenticity of these statements. 

The response of skeptical science

When dying, the brain generates in many cases the last signal, as if it were the last breath, in which it releases the greatest hidden fears of the person, the most bitter drinks, and the most conflictive situations so that the transit towards the death be simpler. This happens quickly, because our body does not have to interact with anything from the outside, but for us, it happens very slowly. This would be like a farewell dream that, at times, remains engraved in our mind once they bring us back to life.


Of course, the only way to know with certainty what happens, if there is another beyond or all is summarized in chemical sensations, is something that we can only understand at the last moment of our existence. Right at the moment when we will never care anymore. Or it may actually end up being a mere transit to a later life on this plane or in another completely different one. Everyone is free to interpret what they consider appropriate according to their personal beliefs. Although we certainly hope it happens as late as possible. 
Roger Mallet.. The Paranormal Phenomenon
Everything you need to know about the afterlife [full video]
Dolores Cannon. During fifteen years of detailed research, this widely experienced and well-respected American past-life regression therapist has accumulated a mass of credible information about the death experience and what lies beyond. After many regressions Dolores realized the similarity and sincerity of their recollections are too convincing to be ignored....
I know several people personally who have died and have been raised again by prayer. One particularly close friend gave an account of how he , while working on a swimming pool filter was electrocuted. He was dead for some time, when his wife discovered him, she laid hands on him and fervently prayed in tongues and he revived. I asked him what he saw whilst he was dead, his reply was it was like a deep sleep. Another friend commented, it's typical, you go to sleep in the Lord and along comes your wife and wakes you up. I am also interested in whats next after this life. *[[1Th 4:16]] KJV* For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: *[[1Th 4:17]] KJV* Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. *[[1Th 4:18]] KJV* Wherefore comfort one another with these words. This is my comfort in this journey through this life.
While I was still an atheist, I saw a movie about near death experiences. There were eyewitness accounts of people dying on operating tables, after accidents and during heart attacks. I was most comforted at that time, by a guy who was an atheist, who had a near death experience and also travelled down a tunnel, towards a light, and saw his grandmother there, but was told he had to go back.
That movie kept me happily living my life, thinking we all must end up in a better place after death, regardless of how we live our lives. Until my powerful conversion happened.
The common thread in all of those stories was that the person concerned, came back to tell the story. Seeing that Satan can appear as an angel of light and also is a deceiver. My advice is that people listen to Jesus, the one who transcends life and death and believe him. His last words at his crucifixion were. *[[Luke 23:46]] KJV* And when Jesus had cried with a loud voice, he said, Father, into thy hands I commend (commit my spirit): and having said thus, he gave up the ghost. That is the ultimate act of trust at the point of death. It worked for him, that is my hope also. Just a few comments to add to this discussion.
When I did my medical training myself like every other student did their stint in the operating theatre, where I personally saw miracles happening right in front of my eyes, where dedicated teams of different surgeons repaired the human body, where it would have died otherwise;    During several different operations the patients if not monitored properly would begin to regain consceousness and on one occasion a large gentleman an Army Major having his varacose veins striped, actually began to speak to us as his treatment was yet complete, he said the same thing as the perported NDE explains, his vision began returning and a narrow beam of light came into view, until a little more medicine and air was given to take him back over the edge.

Here we have the bodies inbuilt senses coming back from what would be certain death during the chemical process which basically makes the body unable to support itself whilst under the anesthesia, basically you die as the anesthesia takes a true hold of the entire system and you drift off to sleep.

When someone tries to explain themselves as an atheist or a believer they often miss one major point, and that is they are still a human at the end of the day, no religion or belief can ever change this fact of facts.

In nature a bird which is brought up in the wild thinks its a bird, but if its raised by a human it often shows certain imprinting characteristics, IE, Imprinted by its physical or matriarchial surroundings, but a human not brought up with its true parents is often lost like the biblical bed hopping beliver, where confusion often sets in and it will sometimes revert back to its original traits which are instincts which eveloved over many millenia, and if the belief system is not continually topped up to prevent them from returning to their original state.

What I an trying to say is, the first mention of a creator god never evolved until the most allert of humans realized that it was nature that kept them fed, warm and alive, it was not until they began to control their immediate environment as to when religion first became in vogue, from here on in came the spiritual type control mechanisms which originated from sympathetic magic or Totism;  Which many dozens of seasoned reserchers studied in depth once the West began travelling the globe witnessing man still living in the stone age in Australia and oxen ploughing farmers in deepest darkest Africa which is what our forefathers were doing thousands of years before, now using a steam plough in Europe, both existing at the same time, as we still see today across the globe.

On a final note, Conversions are always taught and students nearly always follow and very rarely by intuition alone, but what is the most sinister part of all is, when they do not want to follow they are often ridiculed by the fanatic who wants both their minds as well as their bodily energy for themselves and in a physical world this is the most valuable of all, IE, their hand to eye coordination working at its best, by and for that individual free thinking human being.

To me this is unacceptable and totally wrong if we are advised to believe for our so called salvation.

My humble opinion is this, we are here only once, everything we need is here and given absolutely for free-ish, if we do not make the most of what we can create for ourselves then others are going to steal both your mind and your energy without you really noticing, this is what's happening as we read these minutes.

Red pill moment needed.
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