Full Version: The Richie Allen Show Moves To New Time Slot
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First of all...WELCOME BACK! Your health is what's important, not the time of your Show. Rather a different time, than no Richie Allen Show at all. It's great to hear that you're feeling fine!

Speaking of your Show, and the discussion about Sandy Hook. In my opinion, the most compelling Information is from an FBI Report on deaths in Newtown, Conn. in 2012:

Someone told me about the FBI Report, but I should have read further. Apparently Sandy Hook falls under the jurisdiction of State Police. Anyway, the entire situation is, and has been from the beginning, VERY confusing!
Nice to have you back Richie and you sound well and in good form. Glad you had a good time in Cornwall which by coincidence I'm heading off to tomorrow to stay with friends so I'll have a lot of catching up to do when I get back now your show is back.

Just been listening to your show on Podmatic and you started with a cracker, so much I could say about all of it. As I get older I find what is really important is the truth not what I do or don't want to believe or my emotional attachment to anyone or anything. Just have to mention Sandy Hook which I could talk about for hours. When people first started saying it was fake I thought they were quite mad but about two and a half years ago because they were still saying it I decided to look into it myself. I've done a lot of investigation into it, more than I've done for any other topic except the Kennedy assassination and I have to say that while I can't of course be categorical about it as I wasn't there I now also believe it was fake. If I went into all the reasons this would get very, very long.

Nice to hear Michael Rivero is one of my favourites of your regulars, I also really like Paul Craig Roberts. But really good to have you back doing your show and could you mention if you are still going to do the Manchester gig please as I'm planning to come over to Britain again before Christmas and I would work it around the Manchester event if it's happening as I'd be very interested to attend.