Full Version: Free Energy vs Fossil Fuel
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Why is the energy industry suppressing free energy without fossil fuel while saying that fossil fuel emissions threaten the very existence of humankind? This is yet another example of what appears to be a contradiction, but isn’t when you know their game plan.

People were told to buy diesel vehicles to ‘combat global warming’ on the grounds that they emit slightly less carbon dioxide than petrol engines; but they spew out a lot more nitrogen oxide and nitrogen dioxide pollutants and 22 times more tiny particles or particulates that damage lungs, brains and hearts. Diesel-pollution is already estimated to be responsible for thousands of deaths a year in the UK alone and rising. It is destroying air quality especially in cities, and all based on a calculated lie.

The illusory threat of human-caused ‘global warming’ is a scam to provide the excuse to transform global society in ways that suit the agenda for human enslavement. Replacing fossil fuels with free electrical energy would scupper their plans.

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