Full Version: Moral Contracts. The Chances Are, Your Next Employer Will Require You To Sign One!
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The best thing to do if you’re applying for a new job would be to deactivate (not delete) your social media accounts- Twitter, Facebook etc. That way, potential employers would be unable to snoop or spy on individuals or jump to the wrong conclusions.

With current employers it’s trickier but the only answer would be to stop using FB/Twitter altogether, not an easy thing to do in this day and age.
How do people know who you are on twitter?!
Unless you put your full name?

I deleted Facebook... waste of my life! Twitter not much better but at least I ca post my true opinion without knowledge of people who know me from work!!! Lol

You have these sorts of contracts in the health care industry already & have done for years! When a profession are regulated by a professional body they set a ‘code of conduct’ which you have to adhere to... basically that you abide by the law & dont bring the profession into disrepute!
We were told to not post personal things on FB & beware of ‘Dancing on tables’ in pubs incase we are photographed doing so!!! Lol
I do agree with it to a degree... I wouldn’t like to think of my surgeon out at a Swingers party & snorting coke Saturday night and then performing my operation Monday morning!! I might lose respect for him! But on the other hand he is only human and it’s none of my business what he does in his spare time! It’s a fine balance!

Also I think it’s depends what profession you’re in... I couldn’t give a stuff what you did at the weekend if you work at Tesco and you’re pushing my shopping over a scanner because it’s not life threatening!
The last paragraph of the article is telling - algorithms used are flawed meaning that innocent people could end up unfairly treated or punished as false positives are applied. It seems that the more sophisticated technology becomes, the less freedom and liberty we have.
No one questions one blindingly obvious fact. We have laws in this country.

When a company creates it's own laws, and demands that employees abide by them, they are doing nothing more than creating their own version of Sharia Law, and running their own version of a mosque. Restrictions on personal freedom, contravention of Article 19 United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, huge peer pressure, criminalisation without evidence, and punishment of their choice without a court. They tell you how to dress, what to say, and when and where you can move.

If something is not illegal outside of the workplace, it is not illegal inside the workplace.
Excellent observation... pretty much what Richie says a lot of the time! We have laws to protect people from harassment, stalking, sexual harassment, assault, slander, terrorism etc etc... we have all these laws already!