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Beware the Snowman Cometh ...

Conclusions -

1. Henry's Law shows that atmospheric CO2 concentration is a proxy for SST

2. The sea has heated, but the land has cooled simultaneously to account for the 'average global temperature' reported.

3. We conclude that sea temperatures are controlled by core activity and land temperatures, which are dropping in many regions, are mostly effected by solar activity.

4. The interaction of these two drivers ensures that no two “ice age” events will be identical.

5. New forms of government (such as the Hamon proposal) are required to smoothly introduce a system of rapid mass relocation.

6. Existing tropical land and island reclaimed land are possible for new residential locations.

7. The impact of a new ice age could become critical by 2025.

Expert Says the Earth is Actually Cooling -

By Chardynne Joy H. Concio | May 04, 2019 05:19 PM EDT
MAY 15, 2019

Spring's Record-Late Arrival in Parts of the U.S. Has a Serious Consequence ...
A New Ice Age Cometh & It Will Last 400 Years…It May Start As Early As 2020 ...
New Sun-driven cooling  period of Earth ‘not far off’ ...
Look at this map – it shows devastating crop losses are literally happening all over the globe -

Let me warn you right up front – the information in this article might freak you out.  If what some experts are telling us is true, a global food crisis appears to be inevitable.  Even during good years we have a really difficult time feeding everyone on the planet, and now a major climate shift appears to be happening.
Our sun has become exceedingly quiet ....

Cold weather to grip WORLD as solar minimum to DEEPEN, NASA says -

A DEEP solar minimum is set to bring a prolonged period of colder temperatures across the globe, NASA has predicted....
Top Russian Scientist: ‘Fear A Deep Temperature Drop — Not Global Warming’

Contrary to what the politicians are trying to foist on you, a new mini ice age - a new Maunder Minimum - has already started. 

"We are plunging now into a deep mini ice age," says astrophysicist Piers Corbyn. "And there is no way out." 

For the next 20 years it's going to get colder and colder on average, says Corbyn....
Earth Is About To Enter A 30-Year "Mini Ice Age" As The Sun Hibernates, Scientist Warns -
Drop In Sunspot Activity A Warning Of Global Cooling -

Solar scientists have shown from the historical record that sunspot activity correlates well with climate change on earth. Fewer recent sunspots fits well with times of global cooling.

The chart above shows a weakening trend of sunspots in solar cycles 22, 23 and 24...

“The sun defines the climate, not carbon dioxide,” so says eminent Russian space scientist, Habibullo Abdussamatov (Dr. Sc. – Head of Space research laboratory of the Pulkovo Observatory).
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