Full Version: Richie Returns After Illness Today. Listen Live From 5 PM UK Time
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Well it's nice to have Richie back and he's definitely on form. Sorry not to hear Tony Gosling as I always find him very interesting and informative. One has to ask why there is an organisation of UK lawyers for Israel. Is there a UK lawyers for Belgium or Canada or India? I very much doubt it. The censorship that's going on in the world is appalling and the trouble is a lot of people don't even realise. When you try to tell people what's going on they think you are some kind of nutter and they have no idea how controlled the mainstream media is. They think because it's on the BBC or RTE (I'm a Brit living in Ireland) or in the Guardian or The Times or The Irish Independent it must be true. Same in the US who think what they hear on CNN, MSNBC or Fox is how it is. Of course they won't debate Richie or other independent media because they'd get shown up for what they are.