Full Version: WHO Is Lying About Measles Impact On Children - To Expedite Compulsory Vaccination.
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I was just looking at the CDC web site 4 years ago the lies are in Black & white.

They have the history of measles with 4 to 5 million a year in the USA getting it with 30 to 400 deaths.

Then on the MMR page 1 in 1000 die.

I asked my mum did I have the measles (I am 46). She did not remember at all. There must have been no fear as she can not remember my Brother or 3 Sisters having it also.

I live in Germany where they have started talking about mandatory MMR to stop measles. No talk about Mumps or Rubella been mandatory yet no single vaccine can be got here.

Again a joke where someone is pulling strings to get profits up.

We must say NO!!! We must take a stand before we can not get our Driving licence unless we are full vaccinated. (That's is a plan by the way.)
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