Full Version: Why is Margaret Hodge MP always surrounded by paedophiles?
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  • Margaret Eve Hodge, b. 8 Sept 1944 (previously Watson, previously Oppenheimer)
  • Andrew Watson (first husband)
  • Nicholas Daniel 'Nick(y)' Watson, b. 26 Jul 1971 (her son with Andrew Watson)
  • Rachel Watson (her late daughter in law who was married to Nick & died in strange incident)
  • Elizabeth Jane 'Lizzi' Watson, b. 13 Jul 1973 (her daughter with Andrew Watson)
  • Sir Henry Edgar Garfield Hodge, b. 12 Jan 1944 (second husband)
  • Amy R. A. Hodge, b. 8 Feb 1981 (her daughter with Henry Hodge)
  • Joseph Thomas 'Joe' Caluori, b. May 1980 (her son in law, married to Amy Hodge)
  • Anna Bedu, nee Hodge, b. 25 Dec 1978  (her other daughter with Henry Hodge)
  • Nicholas 'Nick(y)' Bedu (her other son in law, married to Anna Bedu)
  • Philip Martin Edmonds, b. 31 Aug 1962 (her nephew)

Margaret Hodge & Unilever

Margaret was a councillor on Islington Council from 1973-1994, serving as Deputy Leader in 1981, Leader from 1982-1992, and finally departing the Council in 1994.
Prior to overseeing the Islington Child Abuse Scandal, Margaret worked at Unilever as an economist (1966-1973). Unilever is also closely associated with the late prolific paedophile Leon Brittan and Leon’s corrupt cousin, Malcolm Rifkind. Unilever is additionally associated with Friend of Israel Anne Widdecombe, who, interestingly, worked for Unilever at around the same time as Margaret (1973-1975 in Widdecombe’s case).
At Unilever, cousins Leon Brittan and Malcolm Rifkind 'took turns' as non executive directors: serving, in the case of Brittan, from May 2004 (or 2000: sources differ) to May 2010; and in Rifkind’s case from May 2010 until April 2015.
Why did Cousin Leon pass the Unilever baton to Cousin Malcolm in May 2010? Perhaps because Cousin Leon was readying his affairs for his "premature death from cancer" a few years later (in Jan 2015): a turn of events that enabled him to evade prosecution for paedophile offences.

What else happened to Cousin Malcom in 2010? In July of that year - a mere two months after receiving the Unilever baton from Cousin Leon - Rifkind was appointed Chair of the Intelligence & Security Committee of Parliament (by David Cameron). Thus, in the few years remaining before Cousin Leon's premature death, Cousin Malcolm was perfectly placed to monitor – and when necessary, quash – incriminating materials held on his cousin by MI5/MI6.
For Rifkind, re-elected to the Unilever board in 2014, the good times only ended when a Dispatches sting in 2015 compelled his resignation from said board. (The sting also snared another of Margaret Hodge’s corrupt fellow Zionists: the extraordinary rendition collaborator Jack Straw, who was Hodge's deputy at Islington).
Whether Rifkind still holds his 1500 shares in Unilever is unknown, but Margaret Hodge’s favourite consumer goods company continues to enrich the world in other ways.

For, you see, Unilever sponsors the annual One Young World summit for children’s causes: whose regular speakers include Bob Geldof, Sir Richard Branson and Lord Michael Hastings.

Hastings has been a director at the Crime Concern Trust with Margaret Hodge’s former Islington Labour colleagues Stephen Twigg (Twigg went on to become Hodge’s parliamentary researcher, is a director of Crossco 'education services' with Leon Brittan's wife, and is former chair of Labour Friends of Israel) and Derek Sawyer, the lifelong friend and business partner of the career paedophile and reputed paedophile ring member Derek Slade, who was sentenced in 2010 to a 21-year prison term.
Those who've worked at or for Islington:
  1. Margaret Hodge (1973-1994)
  2. Henry Hodge (1974-1978)
  3. Keith Vaz (1982-1985)
  4. Nicholas Rabet (took kids on unauthorised trips to Jersey)
  5. Jack Straw (1971-1978)
  6. Joe Caluori, Margaret Hodge’s son in law (2010-)
  7. Sandy Marks (1982-2001) (Frmr Chair of Islington Social Services C'ttee and Mayor, now being investigated for links to Fallen Angels group of pro-paedophile activists)
  8. Stephen Twigg (1992-1997) (Has also been a director at Crime Concern Trust)
  9. Derek Sawyer (1982-2006) (Has also been a director at Crime Concern Trust)
Margaret nowadays spends much time conspiring to depose Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn in cahoots with Ann Coffey, the turncoat MP who defected from Labour to Change UK.

Change UK was conceived by Mandelson/Blair/Hodge for the same reason the original New Labour project was devised 30 years ago (by the original conspirators’ quintet of Mandelson/Blair/Margaret Hodge/Henry Hodge/Michael Levy): to serve the globalist oligarchy’s interests, including the success of a Greater Israel.
Ann Coffey has previously employed Margaret Hodge’s son in law, Joe Caluori, as a parliamentary or research assistant (see 29 Sept 2015 Register of MPs’ interests). Just Friends (of Israel) helping Friends (of Israel).

Margaret Hodge is a Board Member at The Social Market Foundation, a think tank with past directors including Sir Samuel Brittan and Daniel FinkelsteinSamuel Brittan is the brother of Leon Brittan, the late serial paedophile. And Lord Finkelstein, associate editor of The Times, gained notoriety for lavishing praise upon child rapist Greville Janner. Indeed, Finkelstein went as far as claiming the serial paedophile would have made a good leader of Labour. Astonishing. Keep in mind that when Finkelstein launched that outburst into the Twittersphere, he would have known that Janner (who was alive at the time) had already been accused (in 1991) of repeatedly raping a boy in care. But then, Finkelstein and Janner had perhaps always been close: Both having once been directors of The Institute for Jewish Policy Research.

Other past directors of the sinister Social Market Foundation of which Margaret Hodge is a Board Member? They include Rabbi Julia Neuberger and Friend of Israel Baroness Gillian Shephard. Ms Neuberger is the sister of former Supreme Court president Lord David Neuberger. The eminent judge previously advocated censorship of social media to suppress references to VIP paedophiles. For her part, Shephard attracted headlines in 2014 following the revelation she mysteriously 'lost' a file of evidence detailing the widespread paedophilic abuses of the late Sir Cyril Smith.

Other past directors of The Institute for Jewish Policy Research? Once again, Rabbi Julia Neuberger (see above) - and, secondly, the late Edgar Miles Bronfman Sr.. Mr Bronfman's son, Edgar Bronfman Jr., was listed in the Black Book compiled by convicted serial paedophile and child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. Edgar Bronfman's daughter, Clare Bronfman, was arrested in respect of involvement with the NXIVM sex trafficking cult.

It's a small world for the Friends of Paedophiles/Friends of Israel/Friends of Margaret Hodge.

It seems Margaret should be as infamous for the professional company she keeps as she already is for her past actions leading Islington. 

Note, too, Margaret's past involvement with the Association of Metropolitan Authorities, an organisation she served as a director and Vice Chair from 1991-1992 (it later merged with the Association of County Councils & the Association of District Councils to form the Local Government Association).

At the Association of Metropolitan Authorities, Margaret Hodge served alongside fellow director Sir Rodney George Brooke - the organisation's Secretary from 1990/91 to 1997.

Sir Rodney, appointed one of the queen's deputy lieutenants in 1989, was the Chief Executive of Westminster City Council from 1984-1989 when Israeli-British dual national Shirley Porter was Leader of the Council. It was in the period of Sir Rodney-and-Shirley-Porter's-leadership that boys trafficked from care homes were being raped by Tory Westminster City Councilmen in the Dolphin Square complex of which Westminster Council was the ultimate landlord (source: Scallywag).

Sir Rodney served as Director of the Dolphin Square Trust 1987-2011, and additionally as a director of the Dolphin Square Charitable Foundation for the latter part of that period. Sir Rodney is also a past Member of the Council of the shady Tavistock Institute and was the first permanent Chair of the General Social Care Council.

Hodge and Brooke were therefore both directors of the Association of Metropolitan Authorities during the crucial period 1991-1992 when the Islington Child Abuse Scandal - and the related Dolphin Square 'paedophile parties' attended by politicians and lobbyists from Westminster Council and Parliament - were operating full throttle. The extent of the professional relationship that existed between Hodge and Brooke is unknown. It's also unknown whether any of the boys raped in Dolphin Square were in the care of Islington.

Andrew Watson - Margaret's first husband
Margaret married her first husband, Andrew Watson, in 1968. Margaret and Andrew Watson divorced in 1978 and she married her second husband, Henry Hodge, later that year.

In an astonishing twist, following his divorce from Margaret, Andrew Watson then married Jack Straw’s first wife, a teacher named Anthea (whose divorce from Jack Straw had taken place in 1977).

Henry Hodge - Margaret's second husband

Margaret and the late Sir Henry Hodge were instrumental in the creation of New Labour: refashioning Labour as a Third Way party committed to Greater Israel. The Hodges, Peter Mandelson and Michael Levy were to lead the operation, with Blair providing the public face.

Margaret and Henry were not only very close friends of the Blairs, but also their neighbours: "having persuaded them to move to their street in Islington in the 1990s". 

Henry Hodge was a member of the executive of the National Council for Civil Liberties when it was affiliated with the Paedophile Information Exchange. PIE encouraged paedophiles to patronise Elm Guest House, a child brothel supplied from the Grafton Close home overseen by Richmond Council (where Keith Vaz worked until he left to join Margaret Hodge at Islington).

Henry Hodge also had an intriguing connection to the late (Francis) David Langhorne Astor, former editor of the Observer (b.1912 - d.2001). For you see, at different times, David Astor and Henry Hodge were both non-executive directors of Richmond Fellowship, a charity that pioneered community-based care for patients recovering from mental health issues. Richmond Fellowship operates some 50 half-way houses focusing on youths (adolescents up to 25 years old) just out of hospital. Henry Hodge was a director of Richmond Fellowship from 2000-2005, and (Francis) David Astor from 1992-1993.

Richmond Fellowship was founded in 1959 by Elly Jansen (Elly Whitehouse-Jansen, b. 5 Oct 1929), a Dutch nurse and psychiatric social worker. Jansen would continue as CEO of Richmond Fellowship until 1991.

As well as Richmond Fellowship, Elly Jansen has also founded and led a number of sister organisations: 

  1. Richmond Fellowship International, in 1981 (Jansen was CEO until 2000)
  2. Fellowship Charitable Foundation, in 1983 (Jansen was CEO until 1993), &
  3. Richmond Psychosocial Foundation International (previously Richmond Fellowship Foundation International), in 2006 (she was CEO until 2010 before adopting the title of 'consultant to the board')

Richmond Fellowship was the subject of a Charity Commission inquiry from 1988/9-1992 which found financial conflicts of interests concerning Jansen, noting she'd "failed to separate her personal affairs from those of the charities with which she was involved".

The inquiry: "Found confusion surrounding links not only among the three charities, but also between the charities and the Whitehouse Settlement, a private trust set up for the benefit of Jansen's three daughters and her husband, George Whitehouse. There were no formal leases for a number of properties owned either by Jansen or the trust and leased to the foundation". (source: The Guardian)

In addition to her salary, Jansen had awarded herself huge benefits: including paying just £1070 a year to live with her family in a luxury home in the grounds of the charity's London HQ. Jansen also enjoyed meals, home insurance and the use of two au pairs - all paid for with charity funds. Further, the very wealthy Jansen owned property "all over the world" (source: Sunday Times).

The Patron of Richmond Fellowship is Princess Alexandra, a close friend not only of Elly Jansen, but also of the late Jimmy Savile. Alexandra-and-Savile's shared interest was in visiting vulnerable youths in care homes, which they liked to do together.

Did Savile ever accompany caring Princess Alexandra on visits to half-way houses or other facilities run by Richmond Fellowship or one of its sister charities?

And how involved was Margaret Hodge's late husband, Sir Henry, in the running of Richmond Fellowship half-way houses or other operational aspects of the Fellowship?

(Francis) David Astor strongly defended Jansen against the findings of the Charity Commission's 1989-1992 inquiry. He co-wrote a 1992 letter to The Guardian, stating: "The demolition attempt of [Jansen's] petty ill-wishers will not affect her high place in the annals of mental health care in our time."

David Astor had another notable interest besides Richmond Fellowship: namely, campaigning alongside his friend Lord Longford for the parole of paedophile Myra Hindley, whom Astor and Longford insisted was 'reformed'.

In the 1970s Lord Longford led a fact-finding mission to investigate pornography and the sex industry. On Lord Longford's commission of inquiry were the late serial paedophile Jimmy Savile, alleged serial paedophile Cliff Richard, and Gyles Brandreth - who after succeeding Peter Morrison as the Tory MP for Chester would ignore his constituents' warnings that his predecessor was a paedophile.

Another Richmond Fellowship director during 1992-1993 was Michael Langhorne Astor MP's son, David Waldorf Astor (b. 9 Aug 1943).

Today, David Waldorf Astor has shared business interests with Ashley Daniel Tabor, founder and President of Global Radio & Entertainment (aka Global Radio Services). Ashley Tabor is good friends with his former boss Simon Cowell, and with serial sexual predator Sir Philip Green.

Global Radio owns radio station LBC.

LBC is closely associated with Harvey Proctor's good friend and outspoken supporter, Iain Dale. Indeed, Dale is one of LBC's best known presenters.

Another former director at Richmond Fellowship (2004-2007) is Debra Martine 'Debbie' Sorkin (b. 1960). Intriguingly, Sorkin has also served as Chief Council Officer and Company Secretary of The Tavistock Institute (2001-2005). So Sorkin will know the fascinating Sir Rodney Brooke, whom we met earlier: Sir Rodney being not only a past Member of the Council of the Tavistock Institutebut also the former Chief Executive of Westminster Council (1984-1989), Director of the Dolphin Square Trust (1987-2011), a former director of the Dolphin Square Charitable Foundationand first permanent Chair of the General Social Care Council. Sir Rodney knows Margaret Hodge through his and her simultaneous past involvement with the Association of Metropolitan Authorities, as earlier noted.

Debbie Sorkin is interesting because she's a link between Richmond Fellowship and The Tavistock Institute; and The Tavistock Institute links to Sir Rodney Brooke, Dolphin Square, Westminster Council and Margaret Hodge. 

St Leonard's scandal

Shockingly, there is reason to believe Dame Margaret is linked to the St Leonard's children's home scandal.

St Leonard’s operated from 1965 until 1984 and was overseen by Tower Hamlets. It had 13 separate cottages, each accommodating up to 30 kids, so that there were typically about 300 children at St Leonard's at any given time. Altogether, it's thought about 3,000 kids were sent to St Leonard's from various London councils. A paedophile ring comprising key St Leonard's staff and their accomplices raped and sexually abused St Leonard's children over a long period. Police say there were up to 70 victims of the St Leonard's ring.

St Leonard's superintendent from 1968 until it closed was Alan J. Prescott - a paedophile, former magistrate and Labour councillorwho during his long tenure sexually abused a number of boys at the facility. After St Leonard's, Prescott went on to become Tower Hamlets' assistant director of social servicesIn 2001, Prescott and his colleague William "Bill" Starling (a former St Leonard's houseparent) were convicted and imprisoned for their crimes against scores of kids. Years later, in 2017, a third colleague, Paul Andrew Setchfield (another former St Leonard's houseparent), was convicted and imprisoned for sexually abusing kids at the home. Officers in 2001 also showed that a fourth St Leonard's colleague, Haydn Davies, sexually abused boys at the home. Davies, however, cheated justice because police lost vital evidence. fifth colleague from St Leonard's, 'Auntie Coral' (as the former houseparent was known to the kids), was also sexually abusive, but was never charged. 'Coral's' real name has not as yet been published. Tower Hamlets funded the provision of counselling for survivors by the notorious Tavistock Clinic.

"These are issues from many years ago, but council officers still don’t want anything published," Tower Hamlets Tory group leader Cllr Peter Golds said. “The Rahman administration and other administrations have kept a lid on this scandal over the years and have refused to publish reports." An FoI request for a 50-page document about St Leonard’s was refused in 2014, Golds said.

It's understood that Met detectives continue to investigate the paedophile ring that operated at St Leonard's.

IMPORTANT: Margaret Hodge - whose name at the time was Margaret Eve Watson - undertook a social work placement at St Leonard's (the Landseer cottage) in 1974, according to a well-placed source.

During her placement there, Margaret was known to the kids as 'Auntie Maggie'.

  1. Was Margaret aware in 1974 (or at any time prior to the first police investigation) that a paedophile ring was operating at St Leonard's while she was doing her placement there?
  2. Why did Margaret choose St Leonard's for her placement?
  3. How did she obtain her placement?
  4. Did Margaret work with or alongside Alan Prescott, Bill Starling, Paul Setchfield, Haydn Davies or 'Auntie Coral' during her placement? Did she know any of them?
  5. Did Margaret know Alan Prescott, Bill Starling, Paul Setchfield, Haydn Davies, 'Auntie Coral', or anyone else connected to St Leonard's prior to her placement?
  6. Did Margaret stay in touch with Alan Prescott, Bill Starling, Paul Setchfield, Haydn Davies, 'Auntie Coral' or anyone else connected to St Leonard's after the conclusion of her placement? 
  7. How could Margaret have failed to observe the paedophile ring abusing children at St Leonard's right under her nose?
  8. Has Margaret been in touch with police to let them know she was doing a placement at St Leonard's while its kids were being raped and attacked by her then-colleagues? It's about time that she did.

Margaret Hodge's other relations:

Her son: Nicholas Daniel 'Nick(y)' Watson
(with her first husband Andrew Watson)

Dame Margaret’s only son, Nick Watson, is, or has recently been, a director at Barclay & Mathieson Ltd, a Stemcor division. Watson is a solicitor by education and training - prior to joining Stemcor he was a partner in corporate strategy & finance at Leeds-based Hammonds LLP, a former international corporate law firm that later merged with US-based law firm Squire, Sanders & Dempsey.

Nick Watson was married to the late Rachel Watson.

"While out running" in Leeds in 2017, Rachel Watson, 43, was struck by a car and killed. The driver was a police community support officer named Alexander L'Amie. The forensic collision investigator could not think of an explanation to account for Margaret’s daughter in law making the bizarre decision to enter a dual carriageway into the path of L'Amie's car travelling at 60-65 mph. How strange.

Like Nick Watson, Dame Margaret’s nephew, Philip Martin Edmonds, has also worked at the Hodge-Oppenheimer family business

Prior to establishing M7 Metals GmbH in 2016 (he is the Founding Partner), Philip Edmonds worked for the Stemcor Group for 27 years, the last decade of which as Group Deputy Chairman .

Philip Edmonds, a bilingual Briton, resides in Zug, Switzerland.

Quite incredibly, Philip Edmonds was visiting the Ocean Club resort in Portugal's Praia da Luz with his three sons at just the same time Madeleine McCann was abducted - only to abruptly fly out with his sons within hours of the news of Madeleine's disappearance. (In his haste to leave the resort a day early, he forgot to check his family out).

During the subsequent investigation, Edmonds claimed that on 3 May 2007 (the day Madeleine was reported missing) he had seen Madeleine playing behind his three sons in the play area of the Ocean Club. According to Edmonds, he took photos of his boys near Madeleine. However, Edmonds declined to produce these alleged photos when requested - claiming instead to have handed them to the Portugese authorities.

Philip Edmonds is understandably a person of great interest to those following the ongoing McCann investigations.

What does Dame Margaret's family know about Madeleine McCann's disappearance?


3 daughters: Elizabeth Jane 'Lizzi' Watson, Amy Hodge, and Anna Bedu
Dame Margaret’s daughter Lizzi Watson (with her first husband Andrew Watson) was formerly chair of Labour Students.

Lizzi now works for the BBC. In 2018 Lizzi Watson was promoted to Deputy Editor of the BBC’s flagship six and ten news programmes. She was previously producer for the BBC's then political editor Andrew Marr; Head of News, BBC Asian Network; and Executive Producer, Newsnight.

While working for Andrew Marr as his producer, Lizzi Watson reportedly gave Marr information which he then used to revive rumours about the health of Charles Kennedy, the then Liberal Democrat leader (source: Mail on Sunday).

Dame Margaret’s daughter Amy Hodge (with her second husband, Sir Henry Hodge) produces Brexit Shorts for the Guardian and is Associate Director at Headlong theatre company.

Amy Hodge is married to Joseph Thomas ('Joe') Caluori; they may have met as undergraduates at The University of Leeds. Amy Hodge and Caluori live in London. Joe Caluori is an Islington Labour councillor who served for nearly six years as the Executive/Lead Member for Children, Young People & Families, only stepping down in Feb 2019 to take up the senior post of Deputy Director at The Smith Institute. The Smith Institute is funded by reputed spy Geoffrey Robinson MP who previously served in the Army’s Intelligence Corps. Robinson made millions from business deals involving Robert Maxwell, the late Mossad spy and father of Ghislaine Maxwell, the former Madam in Jeffrey Epstein's VIP paedophilia and child trafficking empire.
Joe Caluori may know that the MP (Geoffrey Robinson) who funds his new employer (The Smith Institute) was reportedly a regular visitor to Dolphin Square, albeit in the context of meetings with his alleged spy handler, Karel Pravek. Whether Mr Robinson also conducted any other business at Dolphin Square is unknown.

The name Dolphin Square will surely ring a bell with Margaret’s son-in-law: Caluori lists "child criminal exploitation" among his policy interests on The Smith Institute's website. Child criminal exploitation is certainly a policy area in which Caluori and his mother-in-law have amassed a wealth of experience while serving Islington. Undoubtedly, Caluori now wishes to share his expertise in "child criminal exploitation" with a wider constituency under the patronage of Mr Robinson.
In addition to The Smith Institute, Joe Caluori has worked for the consultancy Britainthinks, linked to Finkelstein, the newspaperman who spoke in flattering terms of his Zionist friend, Greville Janner, both before and after the serial paedophile’s ostensible "death from complications of Alzheimer’s". In another extraordinary coincidence, Finkelstein may also have been a colleague of Caluori's 'Mum-in-law Margaret' at some point. For, as we noted earlier, the Social Market Foundation previously boasted Finkelstein as a director and Margaret Hodge is a current Board Member.

Joe Caluori is on the board of Trustees of the Orp Foundation.

Dame Margaret’s daughter Anna Bedu (also with her second husband, Henry Hodge) works for Tower Hamlets Council as an Extended Day Adviser, advising on extended day provision for children and young people. 

Anna has been a trustee of the Orp Foundation which makes grants in the areas of Environment, Education, and Human Rights; current trustees include Joe Caluori, Hannah NewmanSue Oppenheimer and Sarah Oppenheimer (see below). 
Anna lives in Islington with husband Nicholas Kwesi Elom 'Nick(y)' Bedu, a film and TV producer and the co-founder of Fully Focused, a youth media & mentoring company.

Margaret has 4 siblings (and 11 nephews and nieces)

Dame Margaret has said that one of her three sisters was working in Tavistock Square when a bus in the Square was blown up by a suicide bomber during the 7/7 attacks of 2005. However, Margaret did not state whether it was her sister Hannah Oppenheimer, her sister Ines Oppenheimer, or her sister Sue Oppenheimer.

Dame Margaret's sister Hannah Edmonds nee Oppenheimer may live in Bromley. Hannah is married to Dr Herbert Edmonds (a retired Deputy Group Chairman of Stemcor)They have four kids: Philip Martin Edmonds (see above), Dr David James Edmonds (a philosopher, BBC radio feature maker and Senior Research Associate at the Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics), Richard Bruce Edmonds (who is or has been a director of Stemcor USA alongside his brother Philip Martin Edmonds, and is also on the executive board of M7 Trade GmbH), and Julia Elizabeth Anne Edmonds/Sanitt whose husband, the lawyer Dr Adam Sanitt, is a Trustee of the Orp Foundation.

Dame Margaret's sister Ines Marian Newman nee Oppenheimer is Honorary Visiting Senior Research Associate at DeMontfort UniversityInes is married to Michael David “Mike” Newman, Emeritus Professor of Politics at London Metropolitan University, a lecturer at New York University in London, and an advisor with the NGO International Alert. They have three kids: Kate Newman, Hannah Newman and Zach NewmanInes Newman knows Cllr Joe Caluori well. Ines and her husband previously headed the Ines Newman Charitable TrustHannah Newman is a Trustee of the Orp Foundation.

Dame Margaret's sister Susan Elizabeth "Sue" Oppenheimer is a retired Local Government Officer who lives in Standish. Sue is married to Carlos Ordonez. They have two daughters: Emma Ordonez (previously a Trustee of the Orp Foundation) and Rosa OrdonezSue Oppenheimer is a Trustee of the Orp Foundation

Dame Margaret's brother Ralph David Oppenheimer is dead. Ralph was married to Helen Oppenheimer nee Reiss. They had/have two kids: Russell Oppenheimer, a Hampshire County councillor; and Sarah Catherine Oppenheimer, a communications consultant with the European Climate Foundation in Spain. Sarah is a Trustee of Chem Trust and Chair of Trustees of the Orp Foundation.


Margaret Hodge along with her siblings, nephews and nieces appear to have held shares collectively worth millions in Moorgate Industries (previously called Stemcor Holdings).

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