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Just a few thoughts here but I'm also on other non conspiracy forums. Just now I was on the Planet Rugby forum and just browsing. Then I saw a thread titled George Soros and Facebook or something like that. Spent 15 mins reading through the 40 odd posts and I could tell that everyone who posted didn't know anything about him or at least the only information that they knew is from the MSM. I'm sure all of us on here know exactly who he is and what he's done. What is worrying is that they are quite articulate posts but ill-informed.
This is not surprising. Control of the human mind and emotions is the very foundation of the elite control of the human race. Control a person’s mind and you control them. The external manipulation of the mind takes many forms and the question is not how many are mind controlled, but how few are not.

Every time you allow a newspaper, news programme, or manipulating advertisement to affect your perceptions and decisions, you are being mind controlled. The emergence of today’s vast network of mind control centres and operations can be traced back to the British Army’s Directorate of Psychological Warfare commanded by Brigadier General John Rawlings Rees.

This interlocked with the Tavistock Clinic which was founded in 1920 under the direct support of the British royal family through the Duke of Kent. Later, it became the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London and this is the centre of a global web which includes the Stanford Institute in the United States.

The aim of these organisations is the control of humanity via the external manipulation of the mind. Rawlings Rees was a vehement racist and supporter of the eugenics ‘master race’ movement. He studied ‘war neuroses’ during World War I and he believed that by using the right conditions neurotic behaviour could be stimulated and controlled.

He wrote in his book, The Shaping Of Psychiatry By War , published in 1945, that the Tavistock Group had demonstrated during the Second World War that there was a ‘psychopathological tenth’ of the population who were genetically stupid. The numbers of these people had to be controlled, he said, to protect civilised society and it was necessary to take steps, including the use of psychiatry, to prevent their increase in numbers –especially in the backward colonial countries which threatened the civilised world.

This was the usual elite bullshit and Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, and Adolf Hitler, could not have put it better. Rawlings Rees said there was another ten per cent of the population whose genetic superiority and psychological training made them suitable to occupy the seats of power (the elite and their crossbreeds). The other eighty per cent between these two extremes could, he suggested, be useful servants to the genetic élite if their neuroses could be controlled.

Rawlings Rees wanted to see psychiatrists involved throughout society, in the home, at work, and in schools, and he arranged for the Tavistock group to train what he called the ‘shock troops’, the psychiatrists posing as ‘advisors’ to the business, military, political, and educational management.

Their job was, and is, to shape the way people think in the educational, political and business sectors and therefore control the direction of the world....