Full Version: 'Tony Blair vulnerable to blackmail', Scallywag issue 26, 1994
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Tony Blair vulnerable to blackmail

Scallywag issue 26, 1994

Following the Observer's report that Conservative Central Office plans to mount a dirty tricks campaign against Labour MPs shortly before the next general election, we can reveal that the most damaging allegations will be levelled against Tony Blair personally.

Researchers within the CCO have compiled a dossier on Blair's early life. In particular his days at Fettes College in Edinburgh. A source in the CCO claims that they have 'evidence' that Tony Blair conducted several homosexual relationships with fellow pupils. The dossier is also said to contain further damaging material about a later relationship with a male Labour MP who is now in the shadow cabinet.

The Conservative Research Department are highly effective at masterminding scandals and cultivating rumours. The new Head of Research, the elusive Julian Lewis, is no stranger to dirty tricks. In partnership with Edward Leigh MP during the 80's he waged a war of disinformation against the CND which resulted in erroneously cancelled meetings, disruption of CND events and covert pressure on key members over financial or sexual matters.

According to our source, Lewis personally supervised the information gathering exercise against Blair; an operation that has lasted over a year.

Lewis is also rumoured to be a raving homosexual himself. Indeed, it would be most unlikely that he could occupy a position of influence within the CCO if he was not. The Research Department is almost gay to a man. There have been many stories about promotions on the basis of gay sexual favours in Smith Square. Likewise, generally, female employees find that their careers are often obstructed. One former woman researcher in the CCO who is now married to a member of the House of Lords told us: "There's no doubt that there is a very powerful gay network within the CCO starting with Alistair Cooke [Lord Lexden]. I found the experience of working there deeply frustrating and I was encouraged to leave simply because they thought I knew too much. Not only about the prolific gayness, but also about some of their less than legal activities".

Our source in the CCO confirmed that often their methods of research do break the law. "I know of many occasions when we have illegally bugged politicians, usually on the opposition. In fact, a lot of the material in the dossier was obtained through bugging. Mostly, we use freelancers. I was involved with a man called Paul Mercer who was an engineering graduate from Loughborough University and a DIY expert in surveillance."

As we have reported in previous editions, the Head of the CCO, Alistair Cooke, was from the same ultra right wing gay Peterhouse stable as Michael Portillo. Another prodigy of former Cambridge history professor Maurice Cowling, Cooke was responsible for creating a trusted network of young ambitious homosexuals within the CCO who would do his bidding. It was he who first embarked on the dirty tricks campaign against Labour, and it will be he who authorises the release of these allegations against Blair and others as the election looms and the Labour party grooms itself for victory.

PR sharpshooter Max Clifford is well aware of the perils that await the party he supports."I suppress as many stories as I promote. I've often picked up the phone to Labour MPs and warned of a potential scandal. I've heard the rumours about Tony Blair too".

The question is whether Clifford has attempted to quash them. Perhaps, even his renowned PR skills are not enough to diffuse the time bomb waiting to explode under the future prime minister.