Full Version: State of Israel
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How Israeli banks finance the theft of Palestinian Land
Israel in state of panic over loss of their beloved ISIS and Al Nusra terrorists in Syria.. Assad
Israeli Minister threatens to Destroy Gaza "once and for all"
Israel is selling information to Saudi Arabia that will enable them to develop Nuclear Weapons
Abby Martin Exposes Zionism & Israel on Joe Rogan Podcast (Strong Language)
Great information and Truth. Sadly zionist scumbaggery continues
NATO's Security Guarantee does not apply to Israel says Jens Stoltenberg
Israel uses intelligence cutouts to target the US

From JCPOA to FTA – cutouts can cost the US billions.....
Thousands of Palestinians mourn 'reprehensible' killing
... of Gaza medic

The U.N. envoy for the Middle East wrote in a tweet that “Medical workers are #NotATarget!” and that “Israel needs to calibrate its use of force."
Norway gives green light to boycott of Israeli Settlements
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