Full Version: A Cashless Society and Global Currency
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The idea of the cashless society is all about control. Cash is disappearing by the day and countries like Sweden are virtually cashless already. 

Look at the consequences for Greece being locked into a single currency over which it has no control when the plan is for a global single currency. Greece today will be the world tomorrow, if we allow it to happen. 

The introduction of the European single currency, the euro, was never an end in itself. It was only a step towards the goal of a single electronic global currency, just as the creation of the European Central Bank (ECB) was a step towards a world central bank. 

For example, the euro’s job was just to mop up all the previous individual currencies in Europe like the deutschmark, lira, guilder, franc and peseta. It was always planned that the euro would eventually fail and open the way for a world currency. 

A world central bank is now being called for by the Vatican, political leaders and financial manipulators like billionaire George Soros.
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